Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner: Ignore the Organic Hype and Skip This Brand

VIDEO: Rahua oil is the latest craze in natural and organic hair care, but our expert stylist wasn’t impressed with Rahua shampoo. 

This is the last of a series of articles I have been doing on natural and organic hair care products. Interestingly enough, it has proven difficult to find shampoo and conditioner that is certified 100 percent organic. Most of them are a hybrid of certified organic ingredients and naturally derived ingredients. This is the case with Rahua (ra-wa) shampoo and conditioner.

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VIDEO: Conair Curl Secret—Automatic Curling Iron Works Better Than Expected

VIDEO: Our expert stylist demonstrates exactly how the Conair Curl Secret works. 

One sleepless night I saw an infomercial for a the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. This curling iron curls hair by drawing it into a compartment and twirling it around an inner ‘iron’ inside the chamber. So naturally I was intrigued and had to have it. After 25+ years of doing hair I had never seen anything quite like this—and I have seen some pretty crazy contraptions.

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Avalon Organics Hair Care: Vegan, But Not Gluten Free

avalon organics.

Just because a shampoo claims it’s organic doesn’t mean it is 100 percent organic or gluten free. Such is the case with Avalon Organics.

I have been wanting to blog about organic hair care for some time, but finding truly 100 percent organic hair care products proved to be a bit more challenging than I expected. There are many products that claim to be “natural,” however this does not mean that they are certified 100 percent organic. There are many that are a combination of the two. This is the case with Avalon Organics.

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Best Clarifying Shampoo To Remove Product Buildup

clarifying shampoo

Picking the proper chelating or clarifying shampoo will help you have healthier looking hair.

Clarifying shampoos, also sometimes called chelating or detoxifying, are shampoos that are made to remove product buildup on the hair. These toxins collect on the hair shaft to create dull, lifeless-looking hair with no shine or bounce. These terms are not always interchangeable, however. If you want the healthiest looking hair, it’s important to start with the best clarifying shampoo or chelating shampoo for your hair.

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VIDEO: eSalon Custom Formulated Hair Color Review

VIDEO: Our expert stylist tries out eSalon Custom Formulated Hair Color on one of her regular clients to see how it matches up to a professional job. 

I first saw eSalon Custom Formulated Hair Color (Rated 94/100 by Viewpoints reviewers) on TV one morning while I was having my first cup of coffee. I had just finished a series of blogs on at-home boxed hair color, how to choose it and how to use it to improve your results and thought that this product might make an interesting addition. eSalon is an online hair color company that will customize a color formula for you and send it directly to your house for you to apply on yourself. I thought this an intriguing idea and worth further investigating, so I decided to go online and place an order and give it a shot. Here is what I discovered.

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Best Deep Conditioner: L’Oreal Kerastase Masques

best deep conditioner

Our expert stylist loves the Kerastase line from L’Oreal for deep conditioning masques.

My all time favorite deep-conditioning masks (or masques) are the ones made by L’Oreal. L’Oreal Kerastase Masques are my go-to masks for the driest and most damaged hair. One of the things I like about this line is that they make several choices depending on your hair type and its needs. A lot of these are used in the salon, but you can buy them online for a salon-moisturizing experience at home.

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How To Use Hair Conditioner

how to use hair conditioner

Pick the best conditioner for your hair for the best results.

Long hair, short hair, colored hair, thick hair, thin hair. There are as many types of hair conditioner available as there are types of hair. It can be a challenge to pick one out and to know how to use hair conditioner properly. We will sort this out and help you to choose the right conditioner for your individual needs.

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