Benjamin Moore vs. Behr Paint

Benjamin Moore vs. Behr Paint

The Benjamin Moore vs. Behr Paint debate exists amongst consumers. One brand offers superior quality, the other offers superior value. Read more to see which brand Viewpoints users consider the best.

Picking a paint brand can be very difficult for a consumer who is unfamiliar with the various strengths and weakness that certain brands have versus one another. A popular debate that occurs for many homeowners is the Benjamin Moore vs. Behr paint dilemma. Both are considered favorites in their respective ends of the paint market – with Behr being the top value pick and Benjamin Moore being the top quality pick. The difficult thing is deciding which paint is best for your needs. Here are the deciding factors:
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Benjamin Moore: Really Expensive, Really Nice

paint cans in a line

Benjamin Moore paint is one of the most expensive paints on the market, but Viewpoints reviewers think it is worth the price because of its durability and rich colors.

With pricing around $50 or more per gallon, Benjamin Moore paint is one of the most expensive brands on the market. Competitors like Behr Paint and Sherwin Williams offer alternatives at lower prices ($30 and $40 per gallon respectively), although they don’t have the same reputation for providing extremely top-notch products.

Based on Benjamin Moore paint reviews on Viewpoints, it is clear that no one questions the quality of Benjamin Moore products. But when potential customers factor in the high price many wonder if it is worth the extra cost.

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Sherwin Williams Paint Reviews: High Quality But a Bit Pricey

Assortment of paint cans

Sherwin Williams Paint is high quality, but it comes at a price. Read below to see what Viewpoints users are saying about Sherwin Williams.

Finding the right paint for a home renovation or household project is often difficult for consumers. When factoring in price, ease of use, and coverage, it’s tough to determine a winner among the popular paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore. Sherwin Williams has a reputation for providing high quality paint, although customers must pay more for it than other leading brands. On our site, the Sherwin Williams paint reviews scored an average rating of 82/100. Viewpoints reviewers seem to really care about three things when buying paint:

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1. How much will the paint cost per gallon?
2. How many coats of paint will they need?
3. How does the paint look on their wall?

This is how Viewpoints users view Sherwin Williams Interior and Exterior Paint in these areas:
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Premium Cooking Appliance Features: Consumer Reports vs. Viewpoints


Premium kitchen appliances can make your kitchen experience much quicker and more convenient – but some features fall short of manufacturers’ promises.

Premium Appliance Features

When it comes to buying kitchen appliances, few things are more important to consider than the convenience that the machine provides and the appliance features. Consumer Reports recently highlighted many kitchen ranges, microwaves, wall ovens, and cooktops that make preparing meals easier and more efficient. They tested popular claims made by manufacturers about the newest and most improved features of their upcoming products. We crosschecked this information with our own Viewpoints consumer data to see what the real scoop was—and were surprised by the results.
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They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”... but that doesn’t include bad reviews. Those end up on Viewpoints.

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”… but that doesn’t include bad reviews. Those end up on Viewpoints. Reviews has received numerous negative reviews from Viewpoints users, with complaints ranging from over-priced tickets, extremely high service charges, poor customer service, and most alarmingly, false promises for show and airfare tickets.
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TrimSpa Reviews 2013: X32 Formula Doesn’t Work

TrimSpa Reviews X32

TrimSpa X32 diet pills have been getting bad reviews for a while. When used as a stand alone diet supplement, the Viewpoints community considers them ineffective.

After not seeing the results they’d like from a diet or exercise routine alone, some people look for another option to help them get over their workout woes. But given the large number of products that promise to help people curb their snack cravings, its often difficult for consumers to navigate around the placebo products that dominate today’s market.

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