Save Money On Date Night With

Diners can buy coupons from to save on date night — if you read the fine print.

If you’re a foodie or are planning on taking someone special out for a romantic dinner, you might want to acquaint yourself with It offers both individual and group discounts and coupons for restaurants that can be filtered by location, cuisine type, or you can search for a specific hot spot.

Coupons for single dinners run from around $5 to $25, and group discounts can be a big as $100 off. You might want to consider a group date night if you want to really maximize the savings. Think of as being like Groupon for foodies.

Read the rest of this entry » Reviews: High-Quality Clothing For Women is a favorite online shop for professional women and women who want high-quality clothes.

If you are looking for the best online store to buy timeless, yet current clothing, made for real adult women, not teenage girls, may just the shop you’ve been looking for. Rated 78/100 by Viewpoints reviewers, is a favorite with online shoppers.

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iTunes Radio vs Pandora: Apple Needs Some Work To Be More Than a Copycat

iTunes Radio

With iTunes Radio your music streaming and library will be synced across all your Apple devices.

Once a trendsetter in the digital music space, Apple is late to the streaming music party that has been raging across the Internet for years. But with the release of iOS 7, Apple users were finally given a taste of iTunes Radio. The service was teased at Apple’s annual developers conference in June, and now it’s live and pretty much what everyone expected.

Read the rest of this entry » Review: Too Similar To eBay, Not Enough Benefits review reviews show the site is better for hard-to-find books, but you’re better off sticking to eBay and Amazon for most purchases.

Just about everyone who shops online, especially on Marketplace sites, knows about eBay. But not as many people know about its sibling site, (67/100). The interesting offshoot of the online auction giant launched in 2009 while eBay was evolving to include more permanent “stores” and push its “Buy it Now” feature, which allows sellers to offers buyers the chance to skip the bidding war an pay a flat rate for whatever is being auctioned off.

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Best online shopping for makeup is all you need to know to find the best online shopping for makeup, beauty and cosmetics products.

If you take makeup and beauty supplies seriously, there is really only one online store you need to know. – the e-commerce website that’s an offshoot of the brick-and-mortar cosmetic chain — may not be the least expensive beauty shop, but nowhere else online will you find the selection, quality, and novelty of products as those that line its virtual shelves.

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Zappos: Best Online Shopping For Shoes and a Whole Lot More


Zappos is the best online shopping experience for shoes, thanks to its large inventory and exceptional customer service.

Powered by Viewpoints

If you are looking for the best place to buy shoes online, (rated 88/100 by Viewpoints readers) is a one-stop-shop for everything from casual and athletic footwear to dress shoes and boots for the whole family. Founded in 1999 and later acquired by Amazon, the site has blossomed into a great all-around online clothing shopping destination, but shoes still make up about 80 percent of its business.

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Find Great Deals At the Best Sites For Kids Clothes

online clothing stores

Parents can find great deals on clothes for kids and tweens by looking at these best sites for kids clothes.

It’s fun to dress your kids in the latest teen styles, and as they get a little older they will likely appreciate it, but it can be an expensive proposition. Stores like Abercrombie & Fitch and J.Crew aren’t cheap, and with growth spurts and lots of physical activity, kid’s clothes don’t have much of a shelf life. So what’s a hip parent without a huge budget to do? Well, most of the hot stores at the mall also have an online presence, and with some savvy research and a bit of patience you can look to the best sites for kids clothes to find great deals to stock your kids’ closet with the latest trends.

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Tips For Managing Online Free Trial Payments

online free trial

Don’t forget to cancel your payment if you don’t want to be charged at the end of an online free trial.

Online free trials are probably the best way to decide if you want to pay for an online service or subscription. Whether it’s streaming video from Netflix, using Amazon Prime for reduced shipping costs, or trying a magazine free for a month, you can find out if you really want the actual product with an online free trial – not some mini sample of it designed to entice you.

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Buyer Beware: eBay Protection

eBay protection

Protect yourself on eBay by following these tips from a former eBay Powerseller

eBay, founded during the bubble in 1995, is one of the few websites to both weather that storm and come out with the first massive marketplace/auction site. While it used to feel more like the world’s biggest garage sale, now you have several different categories of sellers. So how do you bid or shop on eBay and make sure you get what you thought you were buying? eBay protection is easy if you take the time to look at what kind of vendor you are dealing with, find out what sort of inventory they carry, and you check out their reputation.

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5 Indispensable Study Apps For College Students

study apps for college students

The best study apps for college students help with organization, collaboration and note taking.

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are making life for college students easier with every passing year. While they don’t replace hard work, apps can make study time more productive and efficient. Today we look at five iPad (and iPad mini) apps—many of which work on iPhone and Android—that are indispensible tools for getting and keeping a good grade point average.

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