Best Humidifier For Infants and Babies Will Prevent Winter Stuffiness

humidifier for infants

Prevent winter stuffiness, coughs and dry skin with these a humidifier for infants and babies.

Cool winter air also brings dry winter air. Since cold air doesn’t hold moisture as well especially when heated, the humidity in the air drops, leaving little ones susceptible to dry throats, itchy eyes, stuffy noses and even dry skin. One of the best ways to combat low humidity in the house is with a humidifier. Here are some of our picks for best humidifier for infants and babies.

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Winter Skin Care For Babies

winter baby skin care

Winter baby skin care calls for ointments and lotions that will protect baby’s skin from harsh wind and cold.

Each season brings a special set of instructions for keeping baby’s skin smooth and healthy, and winter time is no different. Baby’s thinner, more sensitive skin is susceptible to damage from the harsh elements that occur during the coldest weather. Here are a few hints on what to watch for and how to heal and protect with the best winter skin care for babies products.

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Keep Your Floors Sparkling With These Hardwood Floor Mop Systems

floor mop

These hardwood floor mop systems are a self-contained way to keep your hardwood floor clean and shiny.

When you’re working on cleaning a large amount of hardwood flooring, you need a few more tools in your cleaning arsenal. Just like with your kitchen floor, some sort of mop or handled tool will save you time as well as aches and pains. I recently tried the Bona Hardwood Floor Express mop and wanted to see how it stacked up against similar floor mop systems.

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Bona Hardwood Floor Mop: The Best Way To Care For Your Floors

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Skip all the buckets and rags and sponges. Use one of the Bona hardwood floor mop systems with trusted Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

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How will Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner work on your floors?

I haven’t really done a lot for my hardwood floors in the past primarily because I’ve not found a hardwood floor cleaner I really liked and was easy to use. When researching cleaners to take care of my old hardwood floors, I came across the highly rated Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner (and a high-value coupon from Kroger as well) and the Bona hardwood floor mop.

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Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaners Favorites of Viewpoints Reviewers

natural hardwood floor cleaners

Hardwood floor owners are always looking for ways to keep their floors shiny and clean — these natural hardwood floor cleaners do the job right.

One of the things I absolutely love about our old house is the woodwork that came with it. This includes hardwood floors throughout the majority of the house, minus the kitchen and bathrooms. Hardwood floors are gorgeous to look at and, in general, fairly easy to maintain. In all honesty the most maintenance I’ve done on my floors is regular sweeping and cleaning up the big messes that occur. Looking at our dull floors I began researching the best floor cleaners to use on my hardwood floors to bring them back to life. I was happy to see that Viewpoints reviewers’ favorite products are natural hardwood floor cleaners.

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Tackle Grease Safely and Cheaply with Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser

Mean Green Cleaner

Tackle your toughest messes with Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser, which cuts through grime and grease.

With a house full of people, there’s a lot of disgusting things to clean up. The one thing I dislike the most is grease. Just by its very nature, grease is horrible to clean since water just beads right up. Of the degreasers I have tried, they all seem to be filled with heavy chemicals that just fume up the house. When researching cleaning products, I found one degreaser that comes highly recommended—Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser. Not only does Mean Green Cleaner cut through grease and grime, it is biodegradable and very easy on the budget.

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Best Bathroom Cleaner Products

best bathroom cleaning products

The best bathroom cleaner products melt soap scum and grime to make cleaning the bathroom an easier task.

Out of all of the places in my house that need cleaning, the bathroom is one of my least favorite. To make the process easier, I rely on cleaning products that make the experience easier. Like every other cleaning product there is half of an aisle at the grocery store dedicated to bathroom cleaner products, but whether you’re looking to clean the grime out of the tub or shine up the toilet we’ve got the scoop on the best bathroom cleaner products.

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Are Cleaning Wipes Worth The Extra Expense?

cleaning wipes

There is a cleaning wipe for every cleaning task, but the convenience is often not worth the extra cost.

With consumers wanting more and more convenience in their cleaning, manufactures are eager to oblige. With three whirlwind children running through the house, I’m all for convenience in my cleaning regimen, within reason. I want to know a cleaning wipe is worth the extra cost I’m going to pay—and yes, these convenient wipes are usually more expensive than their counterparts.

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Replacing a Discontinued Favorite: Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter

Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter

Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter was a reviewer favorite, but it has been discontinued. What works just as well?

I tend to stick with the cleaning products I have discovered work well for my family. You get used to how a certain cleaner works, and you rely on it to be there when you need it. Occasionally though, the manufacturers have a different plan in mind and discontinue a product consumers loved. This is the case for the Brillo Plus the Power of Oxiclean Grease Fighter Steel Wool Pads. The Brillo pads that contained Oxiclean were rated highly by Viewpoints reviewers (80/100) and are still regularly searched for on the internet, but sadly are no longer available through the company.

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Best Natural All Purpose Cleaners

natural all purpose cleaner

Store-bought and homemade natural all purpose cleaners can help keep your home fresh and chemical free.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about protecting my children from toxic chemicals that come from cleaning products. Slowly I’ve made the change to natural cleaning products, especially in a natural all purpose cleaner, which I use on a daily basis. Since natural cleaners can be a little more costly than name brand cleaning solutions, I always want to know in advance if it’s actually going to work.
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