Protect Your Floors From Winter Salt Damage

protect your floors

Prevention and clean up are the keys to protect your floors from winter salt damage.

What a winter this has been. When the white stuff starts to fall everyone loves the white wonderland that is created. Once the roads have been plowed the next day, that winter wonderland turns into a sludgy, salty mess. It’s inevitable that boots and animal paws will eventually track that all into the house. How do you protect your floors from getting destroyed by winter salt and sludge?

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What To Do For a Car Seat Recall

car seat recall

Safety is number one when it comes to your kids, so what do you need to do to stay safe when there’s a car seat recall?

Is your baby’s car seat being recalled?

When baby is on the way we search and search for the best car seat trusting it will keep our precious cargo safe while on the road. What happens though when the brand you trusted with the safety of your infant suddenly announces a car seat recall? Just last week one of the most trusted car seat manufacturers, Graco, issued a huge recall of 3.8 million car seats due to a faulty buckle.

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Save Money On Drinks With a SodaStream


A SodaStream machine can help you save lots of money and stop trashing all those soda cans and bottles.

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Soda, pop, soda pop, cola or coke … whatever you call it, it’s a staple in our house. But it is also a costly staple and one that tends to keep up with inflation very well with a 20 oz running around $1.79, including deposit. This past Christmas, we made an investment that is paying for itself in soda, a SodaStream Home Soda Maker. Not only is SodaStream loved in our house, it is a consumer favorite with an impressive 95/100 rating for the SodaStream Genesis, just one of the many models available.

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Similac Sensitive Reviews: Well-Received By Babies and Moms

Similac Sensitive Reviews

Similac Sensitive reviews prove that moms love Similac Sensitive for feeding babies with lactose intolerance and sensitive tummies.

Just like developmental milestones being different for every baby, the nutritional needs can also vary too. While on average babies will be fine with a traditional baby formula, many others have digestive difficulties that require a more specialized baby formula. While all babies have fussy and gassy periods, persistent gassiness could be a symptom to a digestive problem. One of the most prevalent digestive problems infants tend to have is being lactose intolerant or having a lactose sensitivity.

One of the first solutions is to try is a sensitive baby formula that is easier to digest. Similac Sensitive for Fussiness and Gas is a popular sensitive baby formula that is also fairly highly rated (89/100 based on almost 300 reviews). It is a milk-based baby formula, but Similac Sensitive is lactose free and contains proteins that are further broken down to help aid digestion and reduce the gassiness. Similac Sensitive is a specialized formula, but it still contains the Similac Early Shied nutrients that promote healthy brain, eye and immune system development.

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Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel: A New Favorite


It’s a twist on an old favorite — baby oil. Viewpoints checks out Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel and discovers people of all ages like to use it — as a moisturizer, sunburn soother, even an eye make-up remover.

Winter cold and dry heat bring on dry chapped skin for babies, especially those with sensitive skin. Johnson’s Baby Oil has been a staple in cupboards for decades. A newer addition to the Johnson family, is the Baby Oil Gel, which is featured in Glamour Magazine as one of “four ways to get softer all over” by locking in up to ten times more moisture. If it works for Glamour Magazine, could it work for your baby (and you)?

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Miracle Method: Mixed Reviews For Bathroom Refinishing

The Miracle Method may be cheaper than remodeling, but this franchise gets mixed reviews from customers.

The Miracle Method may be cheaper than remodeling, but this franchise gets mixed reviews from customers.

When we moved into our house we inherited two cast-iron clawfoot tubs. The one on the lower level was in beautiful condition, but the one on the upper level had seen better days. While we chose to replace the tub with a more family friendly model, another option for cleaning up tub, tile and sink would be to have it resurfaced. In my research, the Miracle Method kept popping up as a popular way to tackle the tough job.

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How To Clean Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

While modern kitchens look nice and sleek, they can be a pain to clean. Here's how to clean stainless steel kitchen appliances.

While modern kitchens look nice and sleek, they can be a pain to clean. Here’s how to clean stainless steel kitchen appliances.

The modern sleek look of stainless steel appliances is becoming a hot trend for kitchen décor, but keeping it looking clean is the key to the shine. Stainless steel is known for its ability to resist corrosion and rust while providing a clean look, however dust, dirt and even water can all wreak havoc on your beautiful appliances. Use these guidelines to keep your stainless steel, truly stainless.

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Clorox vs Lysol: Which Brand Best Suits Your Cleaning Needs?

Clorox vs Lysol: Everyone recognizes Clorox and Lysol, but each brand offers different products to best suit your cleaning needs.

Clorox vs Lysol: Everyone recognizes Clorox and Lysol, but each brand offers different products to best suit your cleaning needs.

When looking for cleaning products, two companies prevail as leaders in household cleaners. For most of your household cleaning needs both Clorox and Lysol make highly rated cleaners. When you’re standing in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store, which can be daunting in itself, how do you choose between the two? Cleaning and disinfecting products don’t offer a whole lot of variety, but each top brand has something they do better than the rest. Take a look at Clorox vs Lysol for your specific cleaning needs.

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VIDEO: Magic Eraser Perfect For Cleaning Up After Kids

VIDEO: Watch the Magic Eraser at work as this dad removes permanent marker from his walls. 

Some claim that Mr. Clean has magic cleaning tools with the Magic Eraser, a special sponge that erases fingerprints and other traces kids leave behind.With three kids running around I could sure use some magic to help in the cleaning process. Could the Magic Eraser be the magic many moms have been looking for?

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Holiday Entertaining: How To Care For Silver, China and Crystal

how to care for silver

If you’re pulling out the formal dinnerware for holiday parties, you need to know how to care for silver, china and crystal.

The holiday season bring a joyous time of friends and family. While visitors come from near and far, the holiday hostess will start preparing the fine dinnerware for the various festivities that will ensue. If you’re like many families your fine dinnerware is stored for special occasions. As it is brought out and dusted off we want to be sure the china, silver and crystal is looking its best. How do we keep it looking its best from the first use to putting it away at the end of the celebration?

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