When “As Seen On TV” Kitchen Gadgets Are Too Good To Be True

kitchen gadgets

There are plenty of As Seen On TV kitchen gadgets to choose from, but these kitchen gadgets are big duds.

We’re not scared off by an “As Seen on TV” label. Just because something has an infomercial doesn’t mean it’s a dud. The best kitchen gadgets will speed you up in the kitchen, but these tools are a waste of time and money. Here are the As Seen on TV products to avoid when trying to make purchases to improve your kitchen, as proven by Viewpoints reviewers.

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Best Kitchen Gadgets From As Seen On TV


The best kitchen gadgets are easy to use and help save time in the kitchen. Some As Seen On TV products are duds, but these are the best kitchen gadgets you’ll find.

We have all seen “As Seen on TV” products on infomercials on TV. Some of the products look great, but are they as good as they seem? Like everything in life, some are great and some are definitely to be avoided. The best kitchen gadgets are not only good products worth getting, but will also help you in the kitchen to make your life a little easier.

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Two Items Every Cook Needs In the Kitchen


There are two items every cook needs in the kitchen: a Crock Pot and a Stand Mixer. Make your recipes shine with these appliances.

I married my husband about ten years ago, but prior to us getting married, I started to get interested in cooking and baking. Like most people in their twenties, I had an odd assortment of kitchen items that I had accumulated. I found myself still able to make a variety of things, but there were a couple of things that I needed to take my cooking and baking to another level. So when my husband and I got engaged we made sure to include these things in the registry and hinted to a few key people that we really wanted those items for me to use in the kitchen. One bridal shower was from a bunch of ladies who liked to cook and I found myself receiving the items that I had been wishing for.

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Presidents Day Sale: Comparison Shop For Deals On Kitchen Appliances

Presidents day sale

A Presidents Day sale is the perfect time to score a great deal on a large kitchen appliance. Get a good price before new models hit the stores.

The best time to buy larger kitchen appliances is usually from October to March. This is the best time for sales on kitchen appliances because many stores still have stock they are trying to get rid of before the new models arrive. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, look for a Presidents Day sale to get the biggest bang for your buck. With (maybe) a long weekend to shop in store and online, you should be able to comparison shop and find a great deal.

Starting today, stores like Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowes, and Sears are featuring kitchen appliances at their Presidents Day sales.

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Best Refrigerators 2013: Consumer Reports vs Viewpoints

Top refrigerators

Viewpoints vs Consumer Reports top refrigerators

When you are ready to buy a refrigerator you want the best, and whether you want to spend a little or a lot, you want to get the best value for what you are spending. Below are the top five models from Consumer Reports for 2013 and how they matched up with the same or similar models reviewed on Viewpoints.

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How Long Will Food Last In a Fridge Without Power?

If your power goes out, the first thing you might think is "How long will food last in a fridge without power?" Here are some tips to help keep food safe in a power outage.

If your power goes out, the first thing you might think is “How long will food last in a fridge without power?” Here are some tips to help keep food safe in a power outage.

I live in a cold state and the winters here are quite brutal. Even as I type the wind chill temperatures today range around -20 degrees Fahrenheit. And with the frigid temperatures, there have been many power outages due to ice on the lines and accidents. A month ago there were many people across the state who lost power for 5 to 6 days. Unfortunately, power outages can happen any time and anywhere. Then you start wondering how long the food in your refrigerator will last when the power goes out.

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Refrigerator Lifespan: When Is It Time To Replace the Fridge?

refrigerator lifespan

A refrigerator lifespan isn’t forever. Here are some warning signs to let you know when your fridge might be reaching the end of its lifespan.

Have you ever wondered if it is time to get a new refrigerator? If you have a refrigerator that is more than 10 years old there are some warning signs. When it comes to getting a new refrigerator it is usually a major purchase and shouldn’t be taken lightly. These tips can help you if you see your refrigerator acting questionably and need to decide if it’s time to upgrade to a new one.

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Weekend Project: Deep Clean the Refrigerator

Holiday entertaining is over and it's time to tackle the fridge. Deep cleaning the refrigerator is a perfect weekend project.

Holiday entertaining is over and it’s time to tackle the fridge. Deep cleaning the refrigerator is a perfect weekend project.

Have you put away all the holiday decorations yet? While the tree and wreaths may be down, I’m still recovering from hosting holiday gatherings. The fridge is often neglected during regular kitchen cleanings, but it’s time to tackle that refrigerator deep cleaning. In January there isn’t quite as much food stashed away and it’s a perfect time to make the refrigerator look and smell good again.

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Smart Refrigerators: Are the Bells and Whistles Worth the Price Tag?

Smart Refrigerators

More and more of our technology is getting “smart” including phones, watches, even microwaves. But what about refrigerators?

Being “smart” is in style right now. You can buy anything from from smart phones to smart televisions, and now smart appliances. Technology is making everything faster and more responsive, but with refrigerators is it worth it? Let’s look at a couple of brands of smart refrigerators and what they have to offer.

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Refrigerator Shopping: How Big Do You Need?

refrigerator shopping

When refrigerator shopping, think about the space in your kitchen and how much food you need to store.

If your refrigerator is still giving you problems after trying our troubleshooting techniques, it might be time to buy a refrigerator! There are so many things to think about in buying a new refrigerator. Many new models have fancy features and bells and whistles, but the first thing you have to think about is how big a refrigerator do you need. Before you get overwhelmed with the refrigerator shopping process read on for some pointers.

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