VIDEO: Sony PS4 FAQ: What’s Hot & What’s Not?

VIDEO: External hard drives are not compatible with the new PS4, so your only option will be to upgrade the internal hard drive, like in this Gamespot demonstration. 

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

As we’re in the thick of the worldwide launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4, video game enthusiasts will have been delighted with the release of the long-awaited Sony PS4 FAQ on the PlayStation Blog, there to answer any residual questions that may have been lingering.

However, not only was the Sony PS4 FAQ painstakingly long, it also will have raised various concerns for music lovers, home theater fans and external hard drive enthusiasts, among others.

Here we summarize the epic 9,212 word document and highlight what is hot and what is certainly not with Sony’s FAQ release.

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New Nexus 7 Specifications: Better Deal Than iPad Mini

VIDEO: Watch the unboxing of the new Nexus 7 tablet and see how the Nexus 7 specifications compare to the previous model. 

Last week Google released a revamped version of the Nexus 7 tablet that was introduced into the market about a year ago. Google’s website boasts that the new Nexus 7 specifications are “lighter, thinner, faster” with 323 pixels per inch, over 100 more pixels per inch than Google’s 2012 Nexus 7 (Rated 96/100 by Viewpoints reviewers). The video quality has been upgraded to 1080p HD as opposed to the previous 720p.

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Hands-on With iOS 7: Could It Really Be That Simple?

Apple iOS 7

The newest Apple operating system is the biggest update to the iOS. It’s getting mixed reviews, but our experts say it’s much easier to use.

Apple has gone back to basics when it comes to the design of iOS 7. While people are quick to throw around terms like “non-skeuomorphic” and “flat” to describe the design, they seem to neglect the most appropriate of descriptions: simple. This is the most drastic change to the operating system since its inception. After a weekend of limited social interaction and an unhealthy amount of phone gazing, here is a review of the iOS 7 experience.

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Lenovo Horizon: The First “Table PC”

VIDEO: Consumers along the Vegas strip get a chance to play with the Lenovo Horizon in this YouTube video.

Fueled, an award-winning app developer, marvels at the Horizon — the first 27″ interactive screen (“table PC”) now available for pre-order from Lenovo. It represents the beginning of “interpersonal computing.”

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Apple iWatch: What It May Look Like, When to Expect

Just one concept design of the rumored Apple iWatch.

Just one concept design of the rumored Apple iWatch.

Apple has characteristically made no announcements regarding a rumored ‘smartwatch’ commonly referred to as the iWatch. We have no solid information, except a patent application that was filed back in August 2011. Apple has a lot of patents, and some really crazy ones. We all know it’s coming- just take a look at Google trends. Not to be outdone, Samsung has officially announced that it has been building a watch product for “so long,” and it looks as though Google has its own in the works. The age of wearable tech is upon us.

Everyone seems to think there’s going to be a real, solid iWatch by the end of the year, and we are sure it’ll blow all our minds. But before that happens, let’s take a look at some of the rumors.

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The Buzz About the Samsung Galaxy S4

VIDEO: Samsung creates a ‘flash mob’ in Times Square to promote the Galaxy S4

As of now, it’s been confirmed that on March 14, 2013, Samsung will announce its newest phone, the Galaxy S IV. With one tweet, the company has stirred the pot, with speculation running rampant regarding what the new Galaxy will offer consumers. We’ve rounded up the most reliable rumors to date for the impending launch.

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Hands-On with the Surface Pro: “A Learning Curve”

Windows tablet review

Getting acquainted with the Surface Pro is a challenge, but our experts like the functionality.

Those spoiled by the ease of using an Apple product out of the box should be warned that the Surface Pro is a different experience. Experts at the app developer, Fueled, discovered that figuring out the quirks of the Surface Pro takes determination.

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Best Windows Phone: Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X?

Comparison of Lumia 920 and HTC 8X smartphones

Both of these phones – Nokia’s Lumia 920 (left) and the HTC 8X use the Windows 8 operating system. Each has a lot to offer, but a leading app developer gives one the edge.

For insight into which smartphones are best, Viewpoints has partnered with the tech talent at Fueled, an award-winning mobile app design and development house based in New York City. In this product comparison, they size up two leading Windows phones on design, features, call quality and price to declare a winner overall.

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