Evaluating and Picking a Plan Under Obamacare


If you don’t have health insurance, now is the time to start making some decisions about what plan you want under Obamacare.

Like it or not, the Affordable Care Act – the Rube Goldberg mess of systems, bureaucracies, deadlines, payment systems and enforcement mechanisms we call “Obamacare,” is the law of the land.

So now that it’s the law, what should you do from this point?

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Insurance Tip: How To Insure Collectibles and Valuable Christmas Gifts

insure collectibles

If you’re giving an expensive gift this Christmas, make sure to do a proper inventory and insure collectibles.

Sure, it’s a lot of fun to unwrap a big-ticket Christmas gift, such as a home theater system or an expensive piece of furniture. But unless you take steps to inventory it, and add it to your homeowner’s insurance policy, you haven’t protected yourself adequately against the possibility of loss.

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Signing Up For ObamaCare: What Now?


Signing up for ObamaCare has been difficult, to say the least. What can you do while you’re waiting for the kinks to be worked out?

updated 12/11/13

The Affordable Care Act is here, but probably not to stay – at least in its current form. Whether you agreed with the intent of the controversial health insurance law or not, signing up for ObamaCare at HealthCare.gov and the implementation of the transition of the individual market has been disastrous for the Administration.

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In Focus: AAA Auto Club Membership

AAA auto club membership

A AAA Auto Club Membership is worth it if you have a local club office. Other users without a local office report problems with AAA service.

To be honest, I had no idea about the scope of services provided by AAA, the American Automobile Association, until trying to transfer a car title from my recently deceased grandmother to my aunt, who was to inherit the car. There was a AAA Club office in the area, and they had a wonderful set-up…. A clean and pleasant waiting area, short lines, and kind and knowledgeable staff.

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‘Tis the Season—For Winter Storm Damage Insurance Claims

winter storm damage

Before winter storm damage takes a toll on your home, make sure to follow these tips to prevent storm damage and check your insurance coverage.

Are you insured against winter storm damage? It’s a big deal – and may be an even bigger deal this year than in times past. As of this writing, it’s only the beginning of December, and there were over 1,000 new record low temperatures set nationwide over Thanksgiving.

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Chubb Insurance Offers Wide Range Of Business and Personal Specialty Products

Chubb Insurance

Chubb Insurance offers a wide range of products, including kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance.

The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies is precisely that—a conglomeration of smaller entities that provide insurance in a variety of different lines, both on the business and individual side. Its roots go back to 1882, when it started as a marine insurance carrier operating in and around New York City. Its funny name? It comes from its founders, Thomas Caldecot Chubb and his son, Percy. It remained a closely held family business until 1967, when it went public. Chubb Insurance is the 12th largest property and casualty insurer with about $52 billion in assets.

There’s no rating for Chubb as a whole on the Viewpoints.com site yet, but we’re eager to hear about your experiences.

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Commerce Insurance: Decent, But Look At Other Options, Too

Commerce Insurance

Commerce Insurance is known for insuring higher-risk drivers, but you might be able to find better service by shopping around.

This week, we’re taking a closer look at Commerce Insurance. Commerce focuses on auto and homeowner insurance in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire markets. As a relatively small carrier in a limited market, we don’t have a ton of objective data to rely on. In these cases, the anecdotal data from customers – especially those who have filed claims, takes on extra importance.

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