What Are the Different Types Of Dishwashers?

What are the different types of dishwashers?

I the market for a dishwasher? You might want to familiarize yourself with the different types before you buy.

The modern dishwasher can be traced to Josephine Cochrane who unveiled her hand-powered invention at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Once considered a luxury, many families could not dream of a kitchen without one. But there are tons of different types. What are the different types of dishwashers? We take a look below.

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Sewing Terms That Make Using Your Machine Easier

Sewing terms

If you’re interested in sewing, especially if you are going to be using a machine, you might want to learn some of these sewing terms to help you along the way.

Can you point to the ‘feed dog’ on a sewing machine? Learn these sewing terms and you’ll be a smarter shopper and sew with more confidence. Viewpoints has defined the most common parts of a sewing machine.

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Mattress Terms and Definitions

Mattress terms

There are so many product terms thrown around when mattress shopping. Now what do they all mean?

We spend more time in the bedroom than any other part of the home. Viewpoints defines the mattress terms you are likely to hear on your mattress shopping journey.

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Five Tips For Buying a HEPA Vacuum

HEPA vacuums

Did you know some vacuums say they have HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtering technology when they really don’t? Here’s what you should know to breathe easier.

Are you looking for an easy way to improve the air quality in your home? Regardless of whether or not you suffer from allergies, a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter can make a noticeable difference in the air you breathe by filtering out 99.97% particles that can trigger respiratory irritation. So, what should you look for when purchasing a HEPA vacuum?

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Bread Machine Recipes and What To Make Them In

Pumpkin bread

Pumpkin bread, like the one pictured, can be simpler than you think with an easy-to-use bread machine. Find out which top-rated models our reviewers recommend.

It’s that time of year when I march into my basement pantry and pull out the bread machine. I know why I do it. It’s because the weather is cooler, and I’m starting to cook heartier meals– soups, lasagna and other pasta dishes. Just as it begins to turn dark outside, I generally start a fire and open a bottle of red wine. But nothing warms the soul more than the smell of freshly baked bread, and nothing compliments a hearty meal more than a loaf of bread made fresh in your kitchen. Here are three of our top-rated bread machines to get you through the winter, along with a few delicious bread machine recipes you’ll want to save.

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How To Choose The Best Jeans For Your Body Type


There are two articles of clothing that just about all women just hate to shop for: bathing suits and jeans. Why is it that you can literally try on dozens of these items, yet never be completely satisfied? Image couresy flickr user: außerirdische sind gesund

Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, so do jeans. What looks good on your best friend may not necessarily be the most flattering on you, which means, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a fashion nightmare. Most of us just don’t know how to choose the best jeans for your body type. There are so many variables that go into finding the most flattering pair of jeans for your figure. You have to consider the rise and waistband, the cut of the leg, the color (or wash), length (or inseam) and, of course, how they look on your butt.

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Worst Flower Delivery Websites

Worst flower delivery websites

No matter the occasion, everyone appreciates the gift of flowers. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or just to say “thinking of you,” it’s always a welcome surprise. Your local florist is probably someone you rely on, but when the flowers need to be sent to someone out of town, who knows what you’re getting?

It’s one thing to see a photo of a bouquet on the internet and quite another to see it in person. When you are sending flowers to someone far away, you are counting on the photo to accurately depict the final product, but according to many Viewpointers, that isn’t always the case. That’s why we want to help you out this Valentine’s Day with the worst flower delivery websites you should avoid.

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Duct Cleaning: Is What’s Lurking In Your Air Ducts Making Your Family Sick?


It’s an ongoing debate whether or not it is worth the expense of having residential air ducts professionally cleaned. Scams are not uncommon.

Spring always brings two words to my mind: allergies and cleaning. The first only because in the last few years I have developed a mild case of seasonal allergies and the second, because after several months of keeping my house practically hermetically sealed from the winter weather, I’m ready to finally open it up to the spring air.

Six years ago, my husband, three children, two dogs and I moved into a Victorian home built in 1879. It had great bones, but it was filthy — filthy from being neglected for several months and filthy from two highly shedding German Shepherds. Flash forward through a frenzy of cleaning, painting and floor refinishing to the moment my husband inquired, “What’s down in these air ducts?” Twenty years ago, someone spared the time and considerable expense to have two furnaces and a slew of central air duct work installed. What was in our ducts? For starters, clumps of pet hair, a thick layer of dust, fallen leaves from house plants and a handful of Cheerios. The next order of business was to make an appointment for a professional duct cleaning.

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Mattresses: The Types and How To Shop For Them


What should you know if you are ready to “spring” for a new mattress? The first item of business is to understand the different types of mattresses.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, yet many of us don’t take the time to research or invest in a quality mattress. Instead, we choose a mattress that “is fine,” but often leads to back pain, stiff joints and restless nights of poor sleep. In order to choose a mattress thats right for you first need to know more about the the different types before buying one.

Is White the New Stainless For Kitchen Remodeling?


Stainless steel and granite have been the finishes of choice for kitchen and home remodeling for two decades. Viewpoints checks out the buzz about white and finds out what the experts think.

Trends. Each decade is defined by them; defined by trends in fashion, trends in home décor, even trends in kitchen appliances. The 50’s was the decade of poodle skirts and turquoise appliances. The 60’s brought us copper-colored appliances, and the 70’s made way for popular colors such as harvest gold, avocado green and poppy orange. While the 80’s was all about neon and brightly colored clothing, the trend in kitchen appliances was plain and simple white. And today, after nearly 20 years of stainless steel being the hottest material for kitchen appliances, we just might be seeing the trend turn back to white.

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