Best Mineral Makeup Products

mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is great for healthy, natural looking skin. Here are the best mineral makeup products to look your best, for not a lot of money.

Although mineral makeup is becoming increasingly popular for those looking for a healthier makeup routine, many are still hesitant to swap in their regular old foundation for a mineral one.

If you are one of those people, there are plenty of reasons to jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon.

Most mineral makeups are all natural, provide great coverage as well as amazing skin benefits, and feel as though you are wearing a second skin as opposed to a mask of heavy makeup.

Here are a few of the best mineral makeup items available on the market today to get you started.

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Winter Beauty Tips


These winter beauty tips will keep you exfoliated and moisturized in harsh winds and cold temperatures.

Let’s face it, the frigid, dry winter is not the kindest of seasons to our skin, hair, and lips. Between a sallow, dry face, chapped lips, and hair with so much static that it stands on end, it’s not necessarily the season to feel your most attractive.

But, it is possible to win the war against these winter beauty woes. If you are armed with the proper arsenal of exfoliating, moisturizing, and weather-proof beauty products, you’ll breeze through the rest of this brutal winter that we are having, looking absolutely fabulous.

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6 Great Products For An A DIY Manicure

DIY manicure

A DIY manicure is easier than you think with these 6 products. You’re only 20 minutes away from a perfect DIY manicure.

While having a professional manicure done in nice salon is always a great treat, it is not something that I would regularly go out and splurge my money on. I know that it is possible to achieve just as good results at home with a DIY manicure, and would rather use the time and money on something else … like a great haircut.

If you have 15-20 minutes to devote to yourself, then you can re-create a salon manicure by using the correct products for a DIY manicure.

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Simple Makeup Routine: 5 Steps in 5 Minutes

simple makeup routine

These 5 products will get you out the door with a simple makeup routine in just 5 steps.

Whether its one of those days where you find yourself in a mad dash to get out the door, or simply would like to hit your snooze button a few extra times in the morning, a quick makeup routine is essential for situations where you find yourself in a rush, but do not dare leave the house bare faced. It’s easier than you think to put on a flawless-looking face of makeup in only 5 minutes.

A 5-minute simple makeup routine is easier than you think, provided you are choosing the correct cosmetic products.

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Best Body Washes to Banish Dry Winter Skin

dry winter skin

We’re all fighting dry winter skin, but the cure can start in the shower. Use one of these rich moisturizing body washes to heal dry winter skin.

Seasons change, and occasionally our skincare routine needs to change with them. While you may take extra care in moisturizing and treating your face this time of year, you should not neglect the rest of the skin below your neck. Your favorite body wash may not be suitable to use year round, and it’s a good idea to switch things up a bit for winter weather.

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BB Cream vs CC Cream: What’s the Difference?

What's the difference between BB Cream vs CC Cream? Both offer great skin benefits, but which miracle cream is right for you?

What’s the difference between BB Cream vs CC Cream? Both offer great skin benefits, but which miracle cream is right for you?

If you are still having trouble trying to decipher between a BB and a CC cream, you are not alone. Trying to decide between a BB cream or a CC cream can get confusing. The two products that appear very similar, yet each seems to advertise more superior benefits than the other.

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My Favorite Drugstore BB Cream

drugstore bb cream

There are a lot of high-end brands out there, but this drugstore BB cream beats all of them.

Since the BB craze hit the market a couple of years back, pretty much every cosmetics company has their own version, from high-end brands to drugstore BB cream. I am sure that by now, everybody has at least one brand of BB cream in her makeup kit.

I must say that BB cream and I had a very rocky start. Initially, I was very excited about the idea of an all-in-one skin miracle cream that could replace my moisturizer, serum, sunblock, and foundation. The first product I purchased was supposed to be a top-of-the-line BB cream. It cost me a pretty penny, but I figured that the cost of all the beauty items it was replacing would more than make up for it. This cream did nothing more than cause my face to break out like it hadn’t in years, and left my face a wonderful ashy white color every time I applied it. Lovely.

I was determined to find a BB cream that would work for me, but every one that I came across, drugstore-brand and high-end creams alike, fell short. Most offered too little coverage and not enough sun protection. Others left my skin very shiny and broke me out terribly. Not one of the creams allowed me to use it exclusively as foundation, which was supposed to be the point of BB cream. I always had to apply extra coverage.

Then I came across a review on YouTube for an oil-free BB cream for combination/oily skin. The girl reviewing it did a live demonstration on one cheek, where she had a very bad breakout of cystic acne. I watched her apply the BB cream and it completely transformed her skin within seconds, leaving it smooth and even toned, with a beautiful glow. When she compared the two sides of her face, covered and uncovered with the cream, I could not believe the difference. No camera tricks here. I was sold.

I purchased the cream the very next day, and it has been in my makeup kit ever since. The Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream the only BB cream that I will buy.

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How To Avoid “Blind Buying” When Online Shopping

online shopping makeup

The hardest part of online shopping is risking your money on something you might not like. Follow these tips to try before you buy.

One potential drawback to online shopping for cosmetics is purchasing something without the ability to test it out first. If it is a new item that you have not used in the past, it can be a little risky picking something out based on pictures alone.

So what do you do when you’ve found a great deal online for a makeup or perfume you’ve been dying to try, but you’re not sure if it will work for you. You don’t want to risk wasting your money, so there are a couple of strategies I use to ensure I do not end up with a graveyard of unused beauty items underneath my bathroom sink.

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Best Online Shopping Strategies For Makeup

online shopping

The best online shopping for makeup is on online shopping superstores like Amazon and

How many times have you made a beeline to your local store’s makeup aisle only to find your favorite black liquid eyeliner sold out?  You can try to return a few days later, but you might still be disappointed. But you could go home, turn on your computer, and with a few clicks of the mouse while online shopping, you’ll have that liquid liner paid for and on its way to your doorstep. An endless supply of your favorite hard-to-find beauty products on demand is just ONE reason you should be doing most of your cosmetics shopping online. The other reason? Savings galore. I have never paid full price for any cosmetic item online that I would pay in the store, and that’s including the shipping price! More and more people are doing the majority of their shopping online for these very reasons.

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Best False Lashes For Natural and Dramatic Looks

best false lashes

False lashes can be tough to use, but the best false lashes are affordable, natural looking and reusable. The best false lashes are Ardell, as voted by Viewpoints reviewers.

Using false lashes can be tricky. The best false lashes can make your lashes appear stunning, sultry and seductive, or they can make them appear as if you’ve just glued a spider to your eyelids. As a professional belly dancer, I have been using false lashes for many years. I love wearing them for performances, as they add a lot of drama to your stage look. Applying them, however, can be a nightmare. Offset, crooked lashes, sticky lash glue in the eyes, that scary inner corner space where the eyelash pops off of your lid and refuse to stay down, are all frustrating issues.

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