What Is The Best Shampoo For Oily Hair?

shampoo hair

Finding a good shampoo for oily hair can be incredibly difficult. You need to find one that will get your hair clean, but doesn’t strip it of essential nutrients and oils. We’ve found 3 of the best shampoos on Viewpoints that our reviewers say are perfect for oily hair.

Oil is absolutely essential for healthy hair. It gives hair that beautiful shine and moisture that makes it silky and touchable and protects it from damage. But sometimes you have too much oil. It no longer gives your hair a beautiful shine, but instead coats it in grease and odor. So what is the best shampoo for oily hair like this?

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Sewing Machines: The Types

Sewing Machines

If you want to learn to sew, you’re going to need a sewing machine. But where do you start?

Interested in learning how to sew? Not to worry. With a few pointers, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and buy a sewing machine that fits your needs at the price you have budgeted. We at Viewpoints have created a guide, outlining types, features and where to buy.

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Slow Cooker Buying Guide


Slow cookers are great for making meals on busy weeknights. All you have to do is pop it in before helping kids with homework, cleaning the house or even working from home. But how do you choose the right one?

A slow cooker – informally known as a crock pot after the Crock Pot® brand – is one kitchen appliance that everyone should own. They are small, simple to operate, save time and can cook all your favorite things – from meat and seafood to soups and stews! So, how do you choose which slow cooker to buy? Undoubtedly you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the product or the money in your wallet, but you might be overwhelmed with all of your options. Lucky for you, we’ve made it simple. We’ve created a slow cooker buying guide.

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Do Insect-Repelling Wristbands Work?


WIth summer comes mosquitos in most parts of the country. And with people spending more time outside, people are looking for new ways to protect themselves, including wristbands.

Summertime is fast approaching, which means it’s time to stock up on mosquito and insect repellent. And these days, there’s no shortage of plastic wristbands that promise to keep the bugs away. Many of them even claim to be eco-friendly and all-natural. But do insect-repelling wristbands work? Or is it just an advertising ploy?

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Are Tide Pods Safe?


Doing laundry can be a pain: heavy, cumbersome and time consuming. Anything that makes it a bit more convenient can help. Tide Pods and other detergent packs like it can do this, but you need to take some precautions.

Tide Pods have gotten a lot of attention over the last couple of years, especially after several health scares in 2012. There were over 6,000 calls to poison control centers that year reporting children becoming seriously ill after biting into concentrated detergent packets. These detergent packets are not just made by Tide. Many other laundry and dishwasher detergent brands, including Finish, Purex and Ajax, make these packets. But, due to Tide Pods’ popularity, it took the brunt of the blame for these incidents. Which is why two years later people are still asking, are Tide Pods safe to have around the house?

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Buy Viewpoints Best Overall Small Kitchen Appliances During Amazon Sales

In the kitchen with presents

If you’re looking to buy the best kitchen appliances as Christmas gifts this year, Amazon sales are slashing prices of a few.

I love kitchen appliances. If I had the space, my entire Christmas list would be filled with them: a stand mixer, stainless steel cookware, a toaster oven, an espresso maker, etc. But these things take up space, and they cost money, especially if you want to buy the best of the best. Viewpoints’ Best Overall winners in the small kitchen appliance category are no exception. The most expensive one costs well over $500 full price, so getting these products while on sale can be a great money saver. Amazon sales slash the prices of four of these winners, including blenders, juicers, food processors and coffee makers.

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Kohls Sale Lowers Prices On Two Viewpoints Best Value Award Winners

Coffee Milkshake

Two of Viewpoints’ Best Value award winners are on sale at Kohls in the days leading up to Christmas. Used together, these two products, a coffee maker and a blender, can be used to make this coffee milkshake, amongst other things.

If you’ve been keeping up with Viewpoints lately, you know that we’ve recently started rolling out our Reviewers’ Choice Awards. So far we have handed out awards for small kitchen appliances based on consumer reviews and ratings. The top two awards a product can receive are Best Overall and Best Value. Best Value winners are both highly rated and affordable. But a holiday Kohls Sale has lowered the prices even more on two Best Value winners: the Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker and the Bella Rocket Blender.

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VIDEO: The Nordstrom Sale On Beauty Products Will Save You Little This Christmas

Beauty Products

Stocking up on beauty products during sales is essential if you don’t want to break the bank, but Christmas sales at Nordstrom might not save you as much money as you were hoping this year.

Beauty products can be expensive, especially if you’re like me and don’t want to change to a cheaper product because you really like what you’re using. So when my regular products go on sale I rush to stock up so I can make it through to the next one. Nordstrom is where many go to get their skin care products and makeup, but it’s also expensive. The current Nordstrom sale on beauty products might not save you much more than a couple bucks, but that still might lower the price just enough for it to fit into your budget.

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VIDEO: An Online Sears Sale Lowers Prices of As Seen On TV Products

Online Christmas Shopping

Before you buy any last minute gifts online this Christmas, you might want to check out the reviews first. Sears sale As Seen On TV items might have slashed prices, but that doesn’t mean they’re a bargain.

This isn’t the first As Seen On TV article we’ve written here at Viewpoints, trying to answer the question, “Does it really work?” From the Curl Secret to Ninja to the Worx TriVac, we’ve looked at reviews, handed out awards (to a few) and tested the ones we could so you would know if these products were worth buying. Right now there is an online Sears sale featuring some of them, but when you compare the prices to Viewpoints reviews, there are some you might want to think twice about actually purchasing.

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Buy Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Winners At Wal-Mart Sales

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are notoriously expensive and sometimes you don’t know if what you’re buying is going to work. But, you can trust Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice award winners, and Wal-Mart is the perfect place to find them, including a couple Best Value ones.

You might have just over a week to finish up your Christmas shopping but if you’re hoping to hit up Wal-Mart sales without having to actually step foot in the store you only have four days left to get free shipping by Christmas, on purchases of $35 or more. And word is, Wal-Mart might be the best place to stock up on your Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice winners before free shipping ends on the 20th. But which winners are seeing sales right now? Let’s take a look.

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