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Nasonex Reviews: Side Effects Are Tolerable for Allergy Relief

Nasonex reviews

Nasonex reviews claim that even though the nasal spray is prescription only, if you can tolerate the side effects, it’s good for relieving allergies.

With the spring season in full swing, those of us who suffer from allergies need all the relief we can find. Over-the-counter allergy relief medicine only goes so far to relieve my most annoying allergy symptoms. To get my seasonal allergies under control when they are at their worst, I need a prescription-strength remedy, not the cheapest knock-off brand I can find.

In my case, nasal allergy sprays are usually my first line of defense when my allergy symptoms start to flare up. From my experience, Nasonex is a good choice, if not the best choice for me. Nasonex reviews on Viewpoints back me up, rating Nasonex 88/100.

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About Pulse – How to Get Your Google Seller Ratings Stars

How to get your Google seller ratings stars

When a potential customer does a Google search for your company, they probably see your website as the first search result, but they’re also going to see ads, sponsored listings, and, sometimes, yellow stars next to your company name.

These stars represent the Google Seller Ratings. These ratings are compiled from Google Shopping Reviews and outside review sites. has a special partnership with Google as a verified provider of merchant reviews. When a customer writes a Viewpoints review of your company, it feeds directly into the star ratings and review excerpts that display on Google.

Here’s an example of Google’s Seller ratings:


How do Viewpoints reviews get fed to Google Seller Ratings?

We have two feeds that we send: full feed and incremental feed. With the full feed, Google downloads the full feed from our site on the 1st and the 16th of the month and syncs our system with theirs. The incremental feed keeps the system up-to-date. The feed is generated nightly and sends any merchant reviews from the last three days to Google. Here are some ways to help up make sure the most accurate information is being sent to Google.

  1. Be in one of the following categories:
    • 401K’s & IRA’s
    • Airlines
    • Cable TV Providers
    • Cell Phone Providers
    • Credit Cards
    • Dating Websites
    • E-commerce Websites
    • Health Websites
    • Home Parties & Direct Sales
    • Insurance Companies
    • ISPs
    • Job Websites
    • Marketplace Shopping Websites
    • Mortgage Lenders
    • Online Brokerages
    • Rental Cars
    • Travel Websites
    • VOIP Services
  2. Have at least 30 active reviews. You can help encourage your customers to write Viewpoints reviews, which will be sent to Google Seller Ratings in both feeds. Here are some tips to help your customers post better Viewpoints reviews.
    • Be consistent. Make sure your business name and URL match up on Google Shopping and on reviews sites. One of our account managers can help you make sure your information is accurate.
    • Google says, “Be a great business.” To improve your star rating, you need good reviews. Excellent customer service is a great way to encourage good reviews. With Viewpoints Pulse you can respond to customer reviews to thank them for good reviews, or help resolve any negative issues.

Do a search today. Do your Seller Ratings stars show up in Google? We can help you get your stars.

Best For: Best Insurance Companies for Home

Hail damages the roof. Fire guts the kitchen. Thieves take the new TV. A financial blow can come at any time, so home insurance is a must. We know these are the best insurance companies for home coverage because our reviewers have tested these companies during times of stress. Here’s what they say about the best insurance companies for home claims.

State Farm Insurance

“I have had State Farm insurance for home and car for over 15 years. They are wonderful to deal with and I have never had issues with claims being paid. When I call my agent, he knows me personally and understands my needs. Great company!” -tthorntonfl

Travelers Insurance

“I am writing a review on Travelers Group. I have lived in many states and have had many Home Owners Insurance but since moving to Texas in 2004 we have had Travelers Group for our auto insurance and our home insurance.” -jdb0901

USAA Insurance

“We used USAA for our auto insurance and our homeowners insurance. We previously used them for renters insurance. Our experience in both claims and customer service is outstanding. When my husband was in a serious traffic accident, USAA treated us very well.” -amyolson


“I have had insurance for my cars with GEICO for eight years. I have also used Geico for homeowners and renters insurance. The service is excellent. They cannot do enough to help you and their website is user friendly.” -Backmar


“We have them for homeowners and car insurance. They have been extremely helpful during buying house, refinancing, and buying cars. I make one phone call (and can always get a hold of someone at the local office) and then they take care of the rest (communicating with the car dealership, loan officers, etc.). They were also extremely helpful on a homeowners claim.” -eldyer

Nationwide Insurance

“I switched to Nationwide four years ago for Homeowner and car insurance. The motive for the change was poor service by the insurance company I previously used and recommendations for Nationwide from Friends and neighbors. I now have an insurance agent that responds promply to any question I have and has saved me money by making sure I receive all credits I qualify for.” -kak550

Farmers Insurance

“Prior to purchasing our new home, my spouse and I also looked into home insurance. We asked numerous couples we knew along with family members. We were very pleased to find out that we could have that bill covered along with our mortgage payment each month. It made things so much easier for us.” -dmdifalco

PEMCO Insurance

“We have also used them for home owners insurance for our primary home and then for rental insurance once we turned that home into a rental. Have even had to deal with claims a few times on both the auto and home owners sides. They have always been very professional and easy to work with.” -micheleschwatke

Farm Bureau Insurance

“My husband and I just bought our first home this month (October, 2013) and we looked and looked for home owners insurance everywhere, online brokers, nationwide, allstate, statefarm, you name it! They all wanted about $100 bucks a month! I finally tried Farm Bureau and we got our insurance for a wonderful $30 a month.” -mydarlingqueen

Amica Insurance

“I’ve had Amica insurance for home and auto for about 30 years. They can be trusted to do their best to provide top-notch service, whether it’s claims service or any kind of account service. Prompt payment of claims – I’ve had several auto claims and several home claims over the years and never incurred premium increases directly related to the claims.” -borneo

Liberty Mutual Insurance

“Liberty is a great company for auto and home insurance. They have been great to me and have excellent customer service. There rates are affordable even with low deductibles. I’m saving over $250 a year with them. I would suggest calling them for a quote.” -tcrogers23

Erie Insurance

“We’ve used Erie Insurance for homeowners insurance for about 8 or 9 years. They had very competitive rates when I shopped around then. Since then, we’ve added car insurance for our two cars, and have also gotten a multi-use discount in addition to good auto insurance rates.” -cilantrojane

Best For: Best Insurance Companies for Auto

You’ll be so glad you took the time to read insurance reviews when you have that auto accident and file a claim. Better to find out before you wreck which are the best insurance companies for auto coverage. It turns out our reviewers can help. We’ve rounded up the companies they most often bring up when talking about the best auto insurance. Protect yourself, and drive safely.

USAA Insurance

“USAA has been exactly what my husband and I have needed for auto insurance. My husband previously used State Farm to insure just his car. When we got married he switched to USAA with me.” -LMH0403


“I have priced auto insurance from several other companies over the years and have not found a better rate. They have convenient pay options and plans and you can have your payment debited automatically, mail it in, or pay online using a credit or debit card.” -bizops12

Travelers Insurance

“I am very satisfied with the premiums and service from Travelers. They handled my claim much better than I expected. Everything was done in a timely manner and the payments for my vehicles were very fair. I would recommend Travelers to anyone who is looking for auto and homeowners insurance.” -Widnergary


“I love progressive because they look for the best deal. I pay under a hundred every month for my car. They also give you a chance to lower your car insurance based on how well you drive. It’s the snap shot that you plug into your car and send in after six months.” -CassieMorrison



Reviews: 33
Type: Car Insurance

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“I’ve always shopped different places for Auto Insurance and I’ve found that AIG Auto Insurance company to be the cheapest. If you pay for 6 months at a time you save even more.” -PaulaMoore

Farm Bureau Insurance

“I was recently hit by a driver who also uses Farm Bureau and who also has the same agent we do. They have been very helpful to me so far and I would recommend them to anyone who was shopping around for auto insurance for the first time or who were looking for a new company to take their insurance business to.” -SkyeBlue

Amica Insurance

“We got a car insurance quote from them and they were well below any other insurance we had obtained quotes from. So we decided to switch and test them out. Wow, it has been great!” -GMaganda


“I was looking online for auto insurance that was inexpensive and had friendly customer service representatives and I found it with Esurance. They also were able to spread out my initial payments over a six month period, as I was not able to come up with all of the money at the beginning.” -Nanny55

Evaluating and Picking a Plan Under Obamacare


If you don’t have health insurance, now is the time to start making some decisions about what plan you want under Obamacare.

Like it or not, the Affordable Care Act – the Rube Goldberg mess of systems, bureaucracies, deadlines, payment systems and enforcement mechanisms we call “Obamacare,” is the law of the land.

So now that it’s the law, what should you do from this point?

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Top Multivitamins – Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards

Top Multivitamins

Good health begins with good nutrition. Many of our reviewers swear by the multivitamins they take. And who knew that energy could be found in a bottle? These top multivitamins work wonders. The Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards recognize the top vitamins on the market, based solely on the product reviews we collect and publish daily on Viewpoints. Our reviews are written by ordinary consumers, not professional testers. These top multivitamins vitamins meet the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice award eligibility and represent the top 15 percent of 107+ reviewed on Viewpoints.


Best Overall: Multivitamins

Nature Made Multi Complete ($11, 130 ct.)

Rated 90 | 94+ Reviews

The Nature Made brand has a near cult following on Viewpoints. Reviewers rave about the quality and trust they place in any vitamin or supplement with the Nature Made label. “By far my favorite,” writes one reviewer. Others “often find great deals” and “feel great right away” after taking a Nature Made wonder pill.

“Before I started taking Nature Made Multi Vitamins I was tired and had no energy …  now since I have been taking these vitamins I have more energy and am not as tired. I have recommended Nature Made to my friends and family.”styree, Queen Creek, AZ, Reviewer since 2010

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Top-Multivitamins-EquateBest Value: Multivitamins

Equate Complete Multivitamin ($7.68/200 ct.)

Rated 88 | 26+ reviews

This generic brand is a clear favorite on Viewpoints. Reviewers say they are “all in favor of saving more,” and these “seem to work just as well as brand-name vitamins.” The Equate Complete Multivitamin scores on all levels. And we agree, “Why pay more?”

“This is excellent nutrition insurance if you are dieting in which case you may not get 100% vitamins and minerals. I am impressed with the amount of vitamin D and calcium that are in this pill … A great choice for every day use!” AndyYurechko, Reviewer since 2013

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Top Multivitamins GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active Best Overall: Multivitamins – For Women

GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Active ($40/30 pk.)

Rated 92 | 30+ reviews

Many women want a multivitamin with a specific combination of vitamins and minerals to meet female health needs. The GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Active packs are “worth every penny” because “I feel much better,” insist reviewers. Geared toward the needs of more active women.

“I take 2 pills daily with food. The pills are large, but have like a vanilla-flavored coating to help them go down. Make sure you eat with food as suggested or you will get an upset stomach. As with any vitamin, it takes a while to get use to. I always feel good when I take them.”rachstrc, Barberton, OH, Reviewer since 2011

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Top Multivitamins Nature Made Multi for HerBest Value: Multivitamins – For Women

Nature Made Multi For Her ($10.79/90 ct.)

Rated 90 | 90+ reviews

Even though the pill is “humongous,” reviewers say they feel great when taking this budget-friendly multivitamin formulated for women. The Nature Made Multi For Her is “super easy to digest” and “very easy on your stomach.” Reviewers swear it gives them energy.

“I feel like Nature Made is a brand I can trust, and they make it affordable with frequent buy one get one free sales as well as putting out coupons for their products … I highly recommend Nature Made for any woman.”qclipper, Prince George, VA, Reviewer since 2010

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Top Multivitamins Centrum SilverBest Overall and Best Value: Multivitamins – For 50+

Centrum Silver  ($9/80 ct.)

Rated 90 | 31+ reviews

Like most people, we like to think we are not getting older, we’re getting “better.” Centrum Silver is a time-tested multivitamin for adults 50+ who care about staying in top shape as they age. “This multivitamin has a lot going for it,” says one reviewer, protecting bone, eye and heart health, plus supplements for energy.

“Worth its weight in silver … There are tons of multi-vitamins out there and I feel that Centrum Silver is the top brand. Centrum Silver has two of the important qualities I like, a wide variety of vitamins and affordability.” Tomzwasd, Riverside, CA, Reviewer since 2011

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Top Multivitamins Disney Fairies Multivitamin Gummies with CalciumBest Overall and Best Value: Multivitamins – For Children

Disney Fairies Gummies MultiVitamin ($12.49/180 ct.)

Rated 93 | 23+ reviews

If you’ve tried to coax a child into swallowing a pill, you celebrate any product that makes the medicine go down. “My children absolutely love the flavor of these vitamins,” exclaims one. “I’m a young adult who doesn’t like taking pills, and I eat these every morning.”

“My daughter is obsessed … she begs us every day for her vitamins haha. She can’t wait to take them because she thinks it is a treat for her. I don’t think she actually realizes they are good for her or what they are, but I’m glad she likes them so much because they help keep her healthy.”scottybotty, San Antonio, TX, Reviewer since 2011

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More Top Multivitamins

These 10 multivitamins are award winners too! They meet the tough criteria for a Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice award and are also highly recommended: 

Top-Multivitamins-Lil-Critters-Gummy-Vites L’il Critters Gummy Vites Complete

($12.89/210 ct.)

Rated 92 | 307+ reviews

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Top Multivitamins Vitafusion MultiVitesVitafusion MultiVites

($17.50/250 ct.)

Rated 90 | 146+ Reviews

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Top-Multivitamins-Centrum-SilverCentrum Silver Women 50+

($24/220 ct.)

Rated 89 | 15+ Reviews

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Top-Multivitamins-VitalityVitality Multivitamin & Mineral Women

($24/60 ct.)

Rated 89 | 15+ Reviews

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Top Multivitamins Flintstones Complete GummiesFlintstones Complete Gummies

($16.59/150 ct.)

Rated 88 | 78+ Reviews

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Top Multivitamins Nature's Plus Source of Life TabletsNature’s Plus Source of Life Tablets

($40.59/180 ct.)

Rated 88 | 32+ Reviews

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Top-Multivitamins Disney PixarDisney Pixar Cars Multi-Vitamin Gummies

($9.78/180 ct.)

Rated 88 | 20+ Reviews

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Top MultiVitamins One a Day Teen AdvantageOne A Day Teen Advantage

($8.44/80 ct.)

Rated 88 | 19+ Reviews

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Top Multivitamins Flintstones CompleteFlintstones Complete Chewable Vitamins

($13.44/150 ct.)

Rated 87 | 138+ Reviews

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Top Multivitamins Centrum Flavor BurstCentrum Flavor Burst Adult Chew

($11/120 ct.)

Rated 85 | 35+ Reviews

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Editor’s Note: The Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards for multivitamins were given in January, 2014, and current product ratings may differ.


Structure Your Credit Card Purchases To Help Pay Off Debt Faster

pay off debt faster

Use the “Island Approach” to plan your purchases and pay off credit card debt faster.

Or, Why a Trip to the Islands Will Actually Save You Money

There’s no two ways about it: We have a societal obsession with debt. Not only did widespread overleveraging – both on the part of consumers and corporations – help intensify the Great Recession, but after a brief spending respite during the worst of the downturn, we’ve gotten back to our old tricks in recent years. The roughly $67 billion in new credit card debt that we added to our tab from the beginning of 2011 to the mid-point of this year is expected to swell to $123.7 billion by the end of 2013.

The question, therefore, is, how can we change course? How can the average household – which currently has $6,658 in credit card debt – pay off debt and adopt more sustainable spending and payment habits?

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Insurance Tip: How To Insure Collectibles and Valuable Christmas Gifts

insure collectibles

If you’re giving an expensive gift this Christmas, make sure to do a proper inventory and insure collectibles.

Sure, it’s a lot of fun to unwrap a big-ticket Christmas gift, such as a home theater system or an expensive piece of furniture. But unless you take steps to inventory it, and add it to your homeowner’s insurance policy, you haven’t protected yourself adequately against the possibility of loss.

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Signing Up For ObamaCare: What Now?


Signing up for ObamaCare has been difficult, to say the least. What can you do while you’re waiting for the kinks to be worked out?

updated 12/11/13

The Affordable Care Act is here, but probably not to stay – at least in its current form. Whether you agreed with the intent of the controversial health insurance law or not, signing up for ObamaCare at and the implementation of the transition of the individual market has been disastrous for the Administration.

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In Focus: AAA Auto Club Membership

AAA auto club membership

A AAA Auto Club Membership is worth it if you have a local club office. Other users without a local office report problems with AAA service.

To be honest, I had no idea about the scope of services provided by AAA, the American Automobile Association, until trying to transfer a car title from my recently deceased grandmother to my aunt, who was to inherit the car. There was a AAA Club office in the area, and they had a wonderful set-up…. A clean and pleasant waiting area, short lines, and kind and knowledgeable staff.

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