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February Is The Best Time To Buy A New TV


Looking to upgrade your TV? February might be the perfect time to buy.

What is the best time to buy a new TV? Well, it might just be this month. February is a great month for consumers to take advantage of deep discounts on a variety of products. There are several major shopping events that impact product price reductions, making it a prime time to save money on many items we’ve all been waiting on for the best bargains of the year.

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OLED Curved TVs: What Future TV Looks Like

VIDEO: The LG Curved OLED TV, on display last month at a tech show in Amsterdam.

Updated: July 9, 2013

While the U.S. took a break on July 4th for fireworks and grilling, LG Electronics (based in Seoul) announced that its CURVED OLED television has been certified energy efficient by three separate bodies: Intertek (“Green Leaf Mark”), the European Commission (“EU Ecolabel”) and the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT uses “24 environmental criteria”).

Bottom line, says LG, is that its curved OLED TV uses about 67% LESS energy than a similar-sized flat screen. That will no doubt serve as consolation to those willing to fork over $13,000 for one of these beauties.

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Will Smart TVs Take Over The Streaming TV Market?

Smart TV

The latest generation of Smart TVs may be able to replace all the devices connected to your TV.

I cancelled cable four years ago and I never looked back. Now, I’m not one of those people who looks snootily at you while she says, “Oh, I don’t watch TV.” I definitely watch TV. I watch long weekend marathons of Mad Men, True Blood and How I Met Your Mother, and try to keep up with current TV shows within a week or so of airing. I also watch my favorite movies and listen to music, all from my TV.

How do I do this? The magic of streaming services.

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Before You Buy: Flat Screen TVs

Buying a new flat screen TV can be overwhelming. Read our guide to help choose the perfect TV for your needs.

Buying a new flat screen TV can be overwhelming. Read our guide to help choose the perfect TV for your needs.

Retailers are currently offering many deals for flat screen TVs, so February may be one of the best times to buy a new TV. However, with all of the new options, technologies and sizes available, it sometimes gets a little confusing as to what TV is perfect for your home.

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Verde: iPad App for Energy Savings

VIDEO: Verde Founder Jamie Johnson shows how to use his energy saving app. He calls it “easy, but robust.”

Let’s face it. Shopping for a new kitchen or laundry appliance is stressful. The one you had finally died after years of use. You may be unfamiliar with the new technology. Pushy or uninformed sales people don’t help. So choosing a washing machine or flat screen tv that’s best for the environment may not be a top priority, unless and until you see how much money you could save in the process. Which is where Verde comes in.

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5 Electronics Worth Buying on Black Friday 2012

If you’re going to wait outside overnight – or post-Thanksgiving dinner – you want to make sure you’re really getting a good deal. Check out which items are worth Black Friday shopping for and where to find them.

Customers wait for Black Friday deals outside Target in Kansas City

While you can definitely save yourself some money on holiday gifts doing Black Friday shopping, it’s really worth the wait if you’re going to put in the time for a big purchase. Electronics across the board have some great deals at retailers in-store and online the day after Thanksgiving. We have a roundup of the products you can save on most and which are your best bets this year. Read the rest of this entry »