Nasonex Reviews: Side Effects Are Tolerable for Allergy Relief

Nasonex reviews

Nasonex reviews claim that even though the nasal spray is prescription only, if you can tolerate the side effects, it’s good for relieving allergies.

With the spring season in full swing, those of us who suffer from allergies need all the relief we can find. Over-the-counter allergy relief medicine only goes so far to relieve my most annoying allergy symptoms. To get my seasonal allergies under control when they are at their worst, I need a prescription-strength remedy, not the cheapest knock-off brand I can find.

In my case, nasal allergy sprays are usually my first line of defense when my allergy symptoms start to flare up. From my experience, Nasonex is a good choice, if not the best choice for me. Nasonex reviews on Viewpoints back me up, rating Nasonex 88/100.

Nasonex Reviews

Nasonex Reviews

Nasonex Reviews

Every person tolerates medication differently, so before reaching for a friend’s half-empty, disused bottle from 2011, consult your doctor first. Doctors classify Nasonex as a type of steroid, which is why allergy sufferers need a prescription. To tell the truth, cheap, over-the-counter nasal sprays just aren’t as effective as brand names like Nasonex, and several of Viewpoints’ contributors share my opinion.

“After talking to my allergist, he prescribed me Nasonex to help with the side effects of allergies…Nasonex helps keep my nasal passages clear, making breathing easier and reducing cough due to post-nasal drip. For anyone with allergies and regular sinus issues, I would recommend discussing this product with a doctor and giving it a try.” Redcronk

Other reviewers had a similar experiences using Nasonex.

“When my doctor prescribed Nasonex nasal spray, I was anxious to try it because I wanted relief from my allergy symptoms. This nasal spray gave me instant relief and prevented my allergy symptoms all season long. I used this nasal spray to not only treat my allergy symptoms, but I used it as preventive care as well as for my allergies.” Momintx

As with any medication, side effects are important to note, too.

The Downside: Potential Side Effects and Pricing

Momintx also makes a good point when she adds, “I do not recommend this nasal spray for long-term usage. It will sometimes cause the symptoms to get worse and also caused my nose to bleed after using it for so long.” Common side effects listed by the makers of Nasonex include:

  • nosebleeds
  • headaches
  • cough
  • nose and throat infections

Of course, these aren’t the only possible side effects, which is why talking to a doctor is so important before trying Nasonex. For instance, in some cases, Nasonex can actually cause slow wound healing in sore nasal passages.

As far as cost, since Nasonex requires a prescription, what you pay for this medicine will vary based on your health insurance coverage. In my experience, paying more for a prescription allergy medication is worth the extra expense if you can tolerate the side effects.

Overall, Nasonex reviews rank it among the top three best nasal sprays on, and from my experience, it’s easy to see why once you give the product a try.

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