MotoFloor Garage Tiles Review From An Expert Mechanic

Motofloor Garage Tiles Review

A MotoFloor Garage Tiles review from an expert mechanic warns homeowners away from this hard-to-maintain flooring.

I’ve always found it interesting that the best auto mechanics take great pride in keeping a clean, safe workplace. From my experience, even a mechanic’s home garage looks like a showroom with crisp, shiny garage flooring, which only reminds me of how stained my concrete garage floor looks.

Automobiles aren’t my forte, so when I needed useful information on which garage flooring to buy, I searched the Web for someone who knows their way around a garage. Here are the highlights of an expert’s review of MotoFloor garage tiles on Viewpoints if you’re deciding which garage flooring is best for you.

MotoFloor Garage Tiles

MotoFloor Garage Tiles

An Expert’s Take on MotoFloor Garage Tiles

MotoFloor garage flooring costs about $140 per box for 48 1′x 1′ tiles, which should be enough to tile a small, single-car garage. Depending on the dimensions of your garage, you may need to buy a few boxes to finish the job. Compared to the cost of professional quality flooring, MotoFloor garage flooring is very affordable, but like all things in life, you get what you pay for, right?

With over 130 reviews posted on Viewpoints, bkovacs shared his take on MotoFloor garage floor tiles. To state the bottom line bluntly, bkovacs says, “I do not recommend MotoFloor Garage Flooring.” The main problems this Viewpoints contributor found with MotoFloor garage flooring – which only scored 4 out of 10 overall – revolve around the constant maintenance the tiles need and the risk of accidents from static shocks.

“I seem to be giving my cars more static shocks after walking on the MotoFloor garage floor … this is mostly a dry weather concern, but it is a great concern when working with cars, as gasoline can be easily ignited by a static shock,” bkovacs writes. He tells how the tiles were easy to install, but since he uses his garage very often, this product’s shortcomings soon became apparent.

“Although the MotoFloor looks great, it gets dirty quickly. If you have a working garage, as I do, expect to be sweeping the MotoFloor Garage Floor constantly .. .once mud gets on the MotoFloor tiles, it’s hard to sweep/wipe off. I find myself doing MUCH more cleaning with the MotoFloor Garage Floor than I did with my crummy old concrete floor – and I thought I kept a pretty neat floor,” he writes. This product looks great, but from a practical perspective, it’s not very functional over time.

My Final Verdict

In the end, I decided not to tile my garage floor at all. I didn’t want to spend money on a product that I would need to scrub after every rain shower. Thankfully, I read bkovacs’ Viewpoints review first. MotoFloor garage flooring looks fantastic at a glance, but if you have a working garage like bkovacs, you would be better off spending the money on a slightly more expensive product.

Overall, a 4 out of 10 Viewpoints rating shows that this garage flooring has more cons than pros. This product may be the most affordable, but in the long run, you will see why MotoFloor falls short.

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