Omega Juicer Recipes: Green Machine Ale

A common theme at the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show was demonstrating how to make green juices with any number of blenders and juicers. Viewpoints staff were able to get a demonstration of one of many Omega juicer recipes, the Green Machine Ale, made with the Omega vertical masticating juicer.

The Recipe

3 green apples
2 celery sticks
1 large cucumber or 2 smaller cucumbers
1 lime
2 pieces of ginger

Peel lime (optional)
Add coarsely chopped ingredients to Omega juicer. Then, let the juicer do the work.

Serving size yields 16 ounces and takes 10 minutes total with prep and juicing. No peels need to be removed from the fruits and vegetables during prep because the masticating juicer thoroughly removes pulp from the product. This leaves a smoother textured juice with more nutrients and vitamins.

The vertical masticating juicer

omega juicer recipes

Omega VRT350HD Vertical Single Auger Juicer

Omega juicer recipes are easy to use with the Omega vertical masticating juicer. Other Omega masticating juicers are horizontal which causes them to take up more counter space and sit lower to the counter top. The vertical masticating juicer does the same work, at the same speed, but with less counter space. The vertical masticating juicer has 2 spouts, one for the juice, and one for the pulp. It has a stainless steel juicing screen and is able to juice vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, and even wheatgrass. The vertical masticating juicer has a tighter squeeze tolerance, meaning it crushes the produce more quickly to leave less pulp but more nutrients in the juice product. With its auto-cleaning system, the vertical masticating juicer is a good choice for testing out the Omega juicer recipes.

Other Omega juicer recipes

There are countless other Omega juicer recipes online and in recipe books. The recent popularity of green juices is undeniable, since they provide the power of green foods, but with a better taste for the home chef. After trying any number of green juices at the 2014 IH+HS, I can say this was one of my personal favorites. It was smooth and sweet, and I would definitely make it in my own kitchen. Be sure to write your own review on your Omega juicer, share your tips or tricks for using Omega juicers and their recipes on Viewpoints.

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