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As wedding season rolls around, the invitations and registries follow. Dependable cookware is essential for any wedding registry checklist, and Le Creuset has been long known as a reliable name in cast iron cookware. At the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show, Le Creuset highlighted both classic and new products fit for any wedding registry.

Le Creuset reviews

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Le Creuset cast iron cookware in new Palm color

Le Creuset cookware comes in varied shapes and sizes meant to fit the home chef’s every need. Viewpoints reviewers love the classic cast iron cookware. Even after using the cookware for over 10 years, reviewers say that the investment is well worth it, if the products are properly taken care of. Reviewers say using a little bit of Crisco or other oil will help prevent rusting and that the chipping is minimal. With minor sticking on the bottom over long cooking periods, there is little other concern expressed by reviewers about the cooking quality. The dependability and wide variety of items makes Le Creuset a smart additive to any wedding registry checklist.

“We have a large family, five children, so we often use large pots for cooking. The main problem with using large pots at times, especially for long cooking periods, is how it starts to stick and burn some to the bottom of the pot.” tracecakes, Reviewer since 2007

“I’ve been using mine for about ten years now; all of my pots cook just as well as they did when I bought them and still look beautiful…and I use them a lot.” funkylump, Reviewer since 2008

“This is 25 years later, and my pots are still wonderful. They are great for cooking, and they look beautiful even with a lot of age on them…It is possible to chip enamel. I have a couple of tiny little chips in the edge of my largest pot which I use the most. The blemishes are minor. I rub just a tiny bit of Crisco on there to prevent any rusting.” CyndiA, Reviewer since 2007

What’s new with Le Creuset

wedding registry checklist

Le Creuset stoneware in cherry

If you are looking for something other than the classic enamel cast iron cookware for your wedding registry checklist, Le Creuset has a number of new, contemporary products to consider. The recent stoneware line promises the same quality cooking as the classic cast iron line, but in a more contemporary style with improved lids and redesigned handles. It has zero liquid absorption and can be used in ovens up to 500 degree Fahrenheit, in microwaves, under broilers, in freezers, and is dishwasher safe. It also comes in the full line of Le Creuset colors, including the new Palm color line.

wedding registry checklist

Le Creuset stainless steel cookware

Stainless Steel
The stainless steel options are made with a triple layer construction meant to enforce even heating and cooking. These products come in a large variety of shapes and sizes as well, and can even be used on induction stovetops. Containing the same triple ring lid design and the Le Creuset lifetime warranty, stainless steel products further take Le Creuset into the contemporary cookware realm.

Wedding Registry Checklist  with Le Creuset

With the introduction of the Palm color line, stainless steel cookware, and more stoneware and cast iron products, Le Creuset cookware made a statement at the IH+HS 2014. Le Creuset provides a number of options to add to your wedding registry checklist, and reviewers say the products will last long after the big day.

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