Neato BotVac: IH+HS 2014 Product Preview

Some of the most displayed items at the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show were robotic home vacuums. Neato Robotics attended the show and introduced their new BotVac, an upgrade from their previous XV line of robotic vacuums. Viewpoints spoke with a Neato representative and share a first look at the newly released BotVac.

The Neato BotVac difference

Neato BotVac

Neato BotVac 85 Robotic Vacuum

The vacuum comes in 4 models: BotVac 70e, 75, 80, and 85, all with different filter and brush options. The newest innovations in the Neato BotVac are its 50% larger brush than the XV line, larger dirt bin, and unique side brush, which help the vacuum clean within 10 millimeters of walls. Its suction is the same as a traditional vacuum, not a lightweight sweeper vacuum. This means it gets finer dust and dirt particles as opposed to the light clean a sweeper vacuum provides.

Smart technology and power
It has a high threshold transition, meaning it easily transitions between carpet and linoleum or hardwood floors, and it is able to automatically detect stairs so it does not tumble. Its technologies can be upgraded using the USB port on the vacuum and it uses the same smart navigation as the previous XV line vacuum. Its 360 degree scanning component maps the room and creates a back and forth pattern, providing not only clean floors but also the nice carpet lines upright vacuums typically leave. It runs from 60-90 minutes per cycle, and once finished, it finds the charge base to charge, typically for double the time it ran.

Let us know what you think

The Neato BotVac comes in 4 models and 4 colors (orange, green, purple, and blue) and is priced anywhere from $479-599, depending on the model. It is available now in the United States and Europe for consumer purchase, so be sure to write your review on Viewpoints after you purchase your own Neato BotVac.

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