Remington iCup: IH+HS 2014 Preview

A newly launched single serve model to accompany their full size coffee-maker, Remington’s iCup coffee maker made its debut at the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show. This model promises innovative technologies, more safety features, and versatility than the previous Remington iCoffee coffee maker and Viewpoints wants to give reviewers a first look at the model.

Remington iCup

Remington iCup (shown with iCarafe)

Remington iCup: The basics

The technology used in the Remington iCup coffee maker is a patented SteamBrew technology, which uses rotational steam jets to steam open the coffee grounds and stir the grounds at the same time, all within the single kcup. Remington iCup makers say this technology is vital in providing the smoothest coffee in the market, and they are the only company to use these rotational steam jets in their coffee makers. The iCup, like the iCoffee, works with any K-cup type, including reusable pods. The appliance also contains a Dial-A-Brew cup size selector. This allows users the power to choose their container size, and therefore the strength of the coffee brew.The appliance lid closes on an electromagnetic hinge. This means that the hinges do not wear out as easily because they do not contain the parts that often need to be replaced. The highlighted safety feature on the appliance was the automatic lock out when the power button is pressed five times or more in succession. This keeps children from burning themselves on any coffee brewed by accident.

Another single serve contender

Remington iCup coffee makers use new steam technology in attempt to brew the smoothest coffee on the market, integrated with a powerful personalization feature with their Dial-A-Brew option. With a release date set for Fall 2014, be sure to write your Remington iCup coffee maker review on Viewpoints after you make your purchase.

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