Grilling Do’s and Don’ts


Viewpoints fills you in on some grilling do’s and don’ts to make your summer grilling experience fun, exciting, and mistake-free.

Warmer weather and baseball home openers mean one thing: grilling season is upon us. To get grilling sooner this season, Viewpoints has put together a list of grilling do’s, a major grilling don’t, and recommended grill purchases, as suggested by Viewpoints reviewers. Let the cookouts begin.

Grilling Do’s

Know your temperature

One key tool to grilling your meat to perfection is monitoring the desired meat temperature. There are a number of handy devices on the market to help achieve this. Three of these are the Thermoworks thermocouple, the Thermoworks digital thermometer, and the iGrill bluetooth compatible thermometer. Having a device to measure the temperature of your meat will help guarantee your barbecue provides better food at exactly the doneness you desire.

Recipes are Key

Grilling is a way for everyone to enjoy excellent food with any number of flavors. Another way to ensure that your outdoor barbecue yields the best result is by researching recipes for marinades, seasonings, and proper cooking techniques. Knowing a few simple go-to recipes and techniques for your meat and vegetables can make all the difference when preparing a meal. With a little research, knowing how to cook your favorite foods on your grill can go a long way.

Grilling Don’ts

Don’t make any of these classic mistakes

Grilling is a learning process, and mistakes are often made. Some of the most common mistakes are simple fixes. They can be easily avoided with a little quick preparation and letting the grill do the work for you. This is why researching your grill purchase is also important; the grill should cook the food while you relax. With the right grill investment, your grilling experience will be the highlight of your summer cooking.

Start Grilling

These tips are simple, but can make quite a difference when grilling this summer. Simply knowing the food temperature, using your resources to find recipes, and avoiding five of the most common cookout mistakes will ensure that your summer barbecue is the best yet.

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