Fun Grilling Gadgets To Measure the Heat Of Your Meat


Good grilling usually comes down to one thing: temperature. The iGrill (pictured) allows you to monitor the heat with your iPhone. Also consider a product by ThermoWorks. Both are recommended by Viewpoints.

In suburban Chicago, Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn has five grills on his deck.  But he has an excuse.  Craig runs the Web site which can be a griller’s best friend.  With tips and tricks and recipes, Craig’s site is smokin’! Meathead says good grilling all comes down to the temperature of your meat.  Too high, and your guests are eating leather.  Too cool, and everybody gets sick and never wants to come to your house again.  So you need an accurate thermometer. We have a couple of fun grilling gadgets that will take the temperature of your meat so your meal turns out just right.

Option #1: ThermoWorks

The ThermoWorks MTC Thermocouple is a fast and accurate thermometer.  Stick the probe into the meat you’re cooking, and it gives a digital readout in just one second.  This digital thermocouple costs $43 and, if you need a probe, that’ll run you an additional $30. ThermoWorks also makes the Thermapen digital thermometer. It is tiny, $89, and gives a readout in just 3 seconds. is the place to find both.

Option #2: The iGrill

If you really want to go high tech with your iPhone or iPad, look into the iGrill.  One probe keeps an eye on your grill temperature, the other probe monitors the temperature of the meat you have on the grill.  Using high-powered Bluetooth it sends the temperature info to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch up to 200 feet away!  You can learn more at

Choose wisely from the rest

There are a lot of thermometers available on the market, but remember that you usually get what you pay for.  An 8-dollar digital thermometer may give you a fairly accurate reading, but you may be stuck waiting 10 or 15 seconds for it to determine the temp of your meat.

Get a high quality thermometer, take care of it, and it’ll last a long time.  Who knows? People might actually come back for your next barbecue!


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