Teething Remedies: Best Teething Toys And Teething Rings

Teething remedies

The first smile with one little tooth is a long awaited milestone in your baby’s life, but before that smile there can be a many tears due to the painful swelling of gums during the teething process.


There are many teething remedies out there, but most parents reach for a teether before they reach for the medicine. This is normal, and can be a great solution, but what are the best teething rings and teething toys to bring your little one the comfort they need?

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Viewpoints score of 88/100 based on 134 reviews

Teething remedies

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

This pick for the best teething toy has been around a long time since the 1960s, providing relief from painful teething and sore gums.

Sure it looks like a simple plastic toy giraffe but it is anything but. Made with natural rubber and food grade paint, it not only soothes sore gums and teeth, but the soft squeaking sound and the ability to “squish” and “chew” on it entertains your baby even when he or she isn’t playing with it.

“I was doubtful even when it arrived as it looked like a dog’s squeaky toy and I thought how could this possibly help? Boy was I wrong! Not only is Sophie cute and easy for my infant to grip onto – he loved it! He wanted to take it everywhere! It also soothed his gums because when he nibbled on it he was just fine. Sophie is very easy to clean since she is rubber and the teether has kept up so well that we plan on using the same one for our next baby.” bbteam2, Reviewer since 2011

It also appeals to all of baby’s senses with contrasting colors, squeaky sounds, a unique taste, texture and smell.

The First Years Massaging Action Teether

Viewpoints score of 91/100 based on 22 reviews

Teething remedies

The First Years Massaging Action Teether

The first year can be a rough one with baby growing from infant to toddler, but our reviewers think that The First Years Massaging Action Teether can help you and your baby survive at least the teething part of it. This teether has a long lasting battery life, soothing massage and vibration and is just the right size for most older babies who are teething. But it’s not just a teether; babies love the revolving, vibration and rattling noise that the spinner makes.

With all the relief this baby teether gives it is not only affordable but worth much more than you pay for it.

“It has a great easy to hold handle and the vibrating really helps to relax your little one.  When I was pregnant with my second son, it was one of the first things that I went out and bought before he was even born!” Rochelle75, Reviewer since 2008

Baby Einstein Teething Rings

Viewpoints score of 90/100 based on 6 reviews

Teething remedies

Baby Einstein teething rings

These parents are getting “smart” about teething rings with the Baby Einstein Teething Rings. Described as a colorful fun toy with different textures, it not only provides relief and comfort to painful gums and mouth but is worth every penny.

“The colorful Baby Einstein teething ring is a sure fire hit with babies. The green water filled part is wider and flatter than most teething rings which makes it easier for the child to put in their mouth. It also has little raised triangles on the green part which provides greater gum stimulation. Just a few hours in the refrigerator (NOT THE FREEZER) makes this a great soother for a child.” Corrie71, Reviewer since 2008

Bottom line

Choose from one of these best teething toys and teething rings to help you take a bite out of the pain your teething toddler or preschooler is experiencing. Thankfully teething is temporary but when your child is going through it you’d move mountains to ease their pain. Sometimes a teething ring or teething toy is a helpful tool for both of you.

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