Mythic Paint Review

Mythic Paint

Mythic Paint might be an up and coming eco friendly paint. But does it stand up to this reviewer’s test?

As my eco home remodeling adventure continues, I have moved on to painting various rooms in my house. Paint is one of the main culprits of releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polluting indoor air with health adverse chemicals. After hearing mixed reviews about the performance of low VOC paint, I was a bit hesitant to test Mythic Paint in a large room. I started with the guest bathroom and tested the eggshell enamel paint in celestial blue, and ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Where Mythic Paint wins

Mythic Paint is a zero VOC paint. There are absolutely no carcinogens in the paint and the colorant. This is different from other paints on the market that are just low VOC or contain high VOCs in the tint. The paint also claims to be low odor, but there really was no odor at all after painting an entire room. I honestly couldn’t believe it. We painted a different room with a traditional paint and it kept that “fresh paint smell” for about a week. That also means we were inhaling carcinogens and VOCs that go with the smell. But with Mythic this wasn’t a problem at all.

Now on to the coverage. A lot of low or no VOC paints sacrifice quality, but Mythic provided excellent coverage. It went on smoothly and coated evenly in two coats, which is pretty standard. This paint offers a full line of latex paints including indoor/outdoor versions and a wide variety of finishes. They can match almost any color and also offer a wide range of their own colors. Lastly, the Mythic Paint containers are made of recyclable plastic, making them lighter weight.

And where it falls short

As is expected when going green, especially when it comes to paint, it can get a bit pricey. A gallon of Mythic’s eggshell enamel sells for $44.99 at my nearest Mythic Paint dealer and $50.99 on the Mythic website. In comparison, a gallon of Benjamin Moore eggshell paint from my local hardware store ranges from $36.99 to $42.99.

Mythic also has a limited retail presence. There are many advantages to purchasing paint locally, though, with regard to sampling, general advice and the inevitable last minute questions. If you do order the paint online, the hardest part about painting your room will likely be removing the plastic “O” ring that is used to secure the cover for shipping. It took at least 10 to 15 minutes for me to get it off.

It is hard to say if this paint will last and withstand the elements of a bathroom –heat, humidity, etc– simply because it hasn’t been in ours long enough to judge.

The Bottom Line

I was thrilled to find an eco friendly paint alternative where quality was not compromised. Though a bit on the pricey side, I would definitely invest a little more money to have the peace of mind of knowing that the air in my home would be healthier to breathe. Mythic Paint is available on their website for approximately $50/gallon and in select dealer stores.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer Ecoscene.

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