Worst Online Colleges

worst online colleges

Getting an online degree can be more convenient than an in-person one, especially for those who have full time jobs or families to take care of. But you’ll want to watch out for these worst online colleges.


Any bachelor’s degree is valuable, even if obtained from a lesser-known educational institution. The Information Age has ushered in several new means for obtaining a degree from educational institutions once unheard of and/or not in existence. The online method is one of the newest and one that is growing in popularity. This method is very different from attending a traditional university and it has its share of pros and cons, but what seems to matter most is one’s choice of an online school. Let’s take a look at some of the worst online colleges according to our reviewers.

Minnesota School of Business

Viewpoints score of 58/100 based on 4 reviews

Minnesota School of Business is, like many online degree programs, an educational institution that offers both classroom and online-only instruction. The university has campus locations in a few midwestern states but its online programs can be accessed anywhere, anytime. These online degree programs are convenient, but our reviewers say they are still not worth the time or effort.

Minnesota School of Business, according to our reviewers, employs very unprofessional instructors who are completely inept at teaching students and lack the proper guidance to prepare students to survive in the 21st century.

“I have a worthless degree from MSB.” sammyd, Reviewer since 2008

“The worst school in the country.” TomB79, Reviewer since 2010

Allied Business Schools – Medical Transcription

Viewpoints score of 22/100 based on 5 reviews

Medical transcription, billing, and coding are the “specialties” at Allied Business Schools – Medical Transcription. However, specialty or not, our reviewers harbor a strong dislike for this institution and its online programs. According to reviewers, Allied Business Schools- Medical Transcription courses are taught by unprofessional individuals who are not very well versed on the subject matter. To make matters worse, this online university often engages in questionable ethics, offering courses that are not applicable to certain degree programs.

“The course becomes increasingly difficult to pass.” Hudkins, Reviewer since 2010

“All courses are a waste.” Victoriasplace, Reviewer since 2010

Grand Canyon University

Viewpoints score of 52/100 based on 38 reviews

An online university with a religious affiliation, Grand Canyon University receives mixed reactions from those who attend. On the positive end, there are those who like the religious affiliation and enjoy the online instructors. Then, there are those who find many faults with this online university, including the frequent changing of academic advisors, frequent glitches that prevent the online site from working the way it should and difficulty in obtaining answers to important questions.

“You should definitely look very long and hard before you leap.” svcdr, Reviewer since 2008

“From a current grad student at GCU- think twice.” crshore, Reviewer since 2010

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer Bryan-Carey.

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