VIDEO: Does The Shark Steam Mop Work?

Video: The Shark Steam Mop (and Steam Pocket Mop) is one of the many new steam mops on the market. Check out this infomercial to learn more about Sharks’s, and for a demonstration.

Mop technology has really taken off over the past few years. There are now dry mops that grab dust and wet mops that come complete with an attached cleaning fluid reservoir. But the hottest trend in mopping may be steam – a mop that produces a blast of hot steam in order to loosen dirt and sanitize floors. We have seen a surge in searches on our site looking for information about the Shark Steam Mop, so we decided to see just what its cleaning powers are and answer the question does the shark steam mop work?

Testing it out

Shark sells a regular Steam Mop ($99.80), but we opted to test the newer Steam Pocket Mop ($119.95). The name makes it sound like it’s a smaller version of the original mop to be used in tight spaces, but the “pocket” actually refers to the double-sided cloth that pulls over the mopping surface like a glove.

While there are a lot of parts in the box, it was simple to put together and we had our unit assembled in just a few minutes. As a nice bonus, the mop comes with a small pitcher you use to fill its tank, which helps you avoid getting water everywhere.

After you have put water in the mop’s tank, just plug it in and within a minute or so it is ready to steam away dirt. The way the steam is activated is pretty clever – as you push forward and pull back on the mop handle, a pump-like action occurs so that the more vigorously you mop, the more steam you generate. The Steam Mop creates a cool hissing sound, not unlike a steam iron, and the steam creates a coating that allows the cloth to glide gently over the floor you are cleaning. One of the best aspects of the product is that the cloth is double-sided, and once one side is covered in dirt, you can continue cleaning without having to change cloths. The micro-fiber cleaning cloths are also machine-washable.

Bottom line

The Shark Steam Mop definitely worked for me. If you are willing to pay the price, this mop will clean your tile and hardwood floors thoroughly and easily.

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