VIDEO: Smart Motion Technology Improves Kenmore Washers

Video: We’re always eager to tell Viewpoints users about new options for washers and dryers, and Kenmore offers some intriguing advances with its new line of high-efficiency front-load washers.

The new Kenmore Washers with Smart Motion Technology have features include stain treating, ultra-large capacity and limited vibration. But what exactly is Smart Motion Technology? Well it involves moving the drum (in the washer) five different ways to help give every kind of laundry great care and cleaning. But is this all it’s cracked up to be? Or just a marketing ploy?

Kenmore’s promotional video for the Smart Motion Technology above breaks down what these washers can do into five main things:

  • Tumbling using a large circular motion and gravity to move clothes through the water.
  • Gently rolls clothes, creating a kneading effect while keeping them immersed in water.
  • Tossing clothes from side-to-side, giving a gentle hand-wash effect.
  • Sharply lifting clothes from the drum’s bottom to the top for more powerful washing.
  • Alternating directions for a scrubbing effect, keeping clothes immersed in water.

What does any of that mean? Will it help your laundry look better? We talked to Mary Marlowe Leverette, the resident laundry expert at, to get some answers.

Leverette said she hasn’t gotten her hands on the Smart Motion washer to test it out personally, but from her experience and research, it looks like the biggest gains will come in preventing damage to delicate items. That’s the main problem with the central agitator in a typical top-load washer.

“It will help your clothes last longer and look better,” she says.

Leverette says she doesn’t expect the new motions to necessarily clean clothes better, since the detergent and the water do most of the work there.

“Tumbling and scrubbing are probably about the same thing. The rolling and swinging are actually more delicate. The stepping, I don’t know that that’s going to clean any better than tumbling and scrubbing. It all boils down to: You need a heavy cycle and you need a gentle cycle. … Laundry is laundry, and there are some basics.”

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer jcrhoo

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