Kirkland Cat Food Review: Good Product, Good Value

Kirkland cat food review

Kirkland cat food review: Viewpoints reviewers give this cat food high marks for being a healthy choice as well as a value for their cats.

I’ve owned more than a few cats that loved Kirkland cat food. Usually, I don’t place a lot of stock in premium cat food since cats are notoriously finicky eaters no matter what you try to feed them.

I once owned a chubby, beautiful Siamese that refused to eat anything but cheap brands. If I spent the extra money to spoil her, she would walk up to her food bowl, nibble for a few bites, and then saunter away with an attitude. But she was the exception.

Overall, this cat food scored 76 out of 100 on Viewpoints, which does put this brand slightly below average — although, from my personal experience with Kirkland products, I’ve always found this brand to be a good value for the price range, and there are plenty of Viewpoints contributors that share my sentiment.

Kirkland cat food review: good value

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Unless an owner is willing to sample the cat food, taste shouldn’t be their only concern. I’ve always had the mindset that getting the most value from my pet food purchases is most important, and several of Viewpoints’ contributors think the same way:

“I would definitely recommend this food. If your cats are leaner than you think they should be [checked] with your vet, or mix them as I do. I am so grateful that there is a brand of cat food out there that is good quality that does not cost me.” wolfspiritwalks

“My cats, both indoor and out, are all beautiful and appear well fed…but my own indoor kitties are all healthy and all 6 of them have beautiful coats, clear eyes and lots of energy….too much at times.” Esgraham44

“My fiance feeds his cats very expensive blue buffalo turkey, and my cat literally just walks by it. I have to hide the Kirkland food because [it] will literally eat an entire bowl in one sitting” SibeGirl

Basically, this cat food is actually a pretty good value for money. Every cat I’ve fed Kirkland cat food (with the exception of my pudgy Siamese!) has loved this brand.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Food

My advice for choosing the best cat food is to pay attention to a pet’s eating habits beforehand. From my experiences, cats truly are very clear from their body language whether or not they will eat a new brand of food.

Start with a small sample and notice if the animal is more or less inclined to graze throughout the day. As a general rule, if I see a half-eaten meal in a hungry cat’s bowl after a few hours, that means it probably didn’t care for it at all.

What’s great about Kirkland cat food is that it is a healthy choice, too. I’m sure more cat lovers will come to appreciate a good-value pet food like Kirkland products.

Of course, not every cat will love Kirkland, but my overall experience with this brand has been positive. Finicky cats may balk at the diet change, but more often than not, even my pickiest pets have truly enjoyed this brand of cat food.

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