Is MobiGo Or Leapster Better?

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Board games and books are a thing of the past for many kids these days. They want educational tech toys with fun apps and games. We looked at top brands VTech and Leapfrog to find out which handheld device is the better pick.

While reading books in a circle waiting for preschool to begin, one mom, to appease her frustrated son, handed him her iPhone. I see this all the time. Like moths to a flame, all six 4-year-olds dropped their books and gathered round to see the shiny black box of flying angry birds. It was just last year that I got my first handheld, and now we’re talking tech gadgets for our computer-savvy youngsters? Whether or not you’re happy with technology’s grasp on our young children, it’s happening. Which brings up the question of which system is worth the buy. MobiGo and Leapster are the two most popular brands, but is MobiGo or Leapster better?

A lot of us want our kids to play with the toys and games that we loved as children, a nostalgic round of Uno, Candyland, or Chute and Ladders. Of course these kinds of family activities will always be viewed as positive learning experiences, but maybe it’s time to jump forward and check out what the leading tech toy brands have created for children as young as 3 years old. We compared the handheld systems the top tech toy brands for kids ages 3 – 9 and discovered that both products are well received by our Viewpoints community.

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer

leapsterLeapFrog scores a 91/100 based on 102 reviews, and is recommended for kids 4 – 9 years old. It costs around $60, with additional costs for downloadable apps and game cartridges. The Leapster Explorer brings your child’s favorite animated characters to life as they teach reading, math and science through interactive games. It’s no wonder they really work. Voted 2011’s Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association, the Leapster Explorer is getting great reviews.

“The games teach excellent skills, ranging from problem solving, language, writing and math, and many many more! The handheld comes with a built in pet game, and one download card, there are quite a few games you can choose from with your download card as well as flash cards and ebooks.” MeganBeth, Reviewer since 2011 

“These educational hand-held gaming systems teach kids the alphabet, Phonics, and basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), art and animal facts. There’s a touchscreen allowing the children to actually interact with the game. A great product.” –crazyco890, Reviewer since 2011

VTech MobiGo Touch Learning System

vtech-mobigoThe MobiGo is another award-winning handheld recommended for ages 3 – 8. Also check out the redesigned MobiGo2, now available. With a reviewer score of 92/100, this learning system teaches the basics skills of math, vocabulary, spelling, logic and categorization. It comes preloaded with a few games, but additional books, games and activities will cost you. Reviewers are happy with the high-level of technology and educational platforms that make up MobiGo’s games.

“He has a lot of fun using his Mobigo and it doesn’t feel like ‘learning’. I have noticed he has learned a lot from the games already!” BamaMomma68, Reviewer since 2011

“There [are] many different things to do on these games: Matching animals, finding the difference, continuing the pattern, making shapes, moving penguins around the ice, and also finding letters.” law11rpw, Reviewer since 2010

Bottom line

These convenient, on-the-go handheld learning systems are designed to keep your child entertained and engaged. After checking in with our Viewpoints reviewers, we conclude that both the Mobigo and the Leapster Explorer are educational tools that will sharpen your young star’s computer skills. Parents love them because it keeps those busy little bodies occupied, while their minds are engaged.

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