Fancy Feast Cat Food Reviews: Perfect For Finicky Eaters

fancy feast cat food reviews

The cats are the final judge. Fancy Feast cat food reviews testify that owners keep buying this food because their cats love it.

Fancy Feast has been around for more than 25 years. The company prides itself in providing high nutrition food that cats love. There are a few flavors of canned Fancy Feast offerings that Viewpoints readers have tried and loved. These are the Grilled, Gravy Lovers Gourmet, and Chicken Feast in Gravy.

Fancy Feast Grilled Cat Food

Fancy Feast Grilled Cat Food

Fancy Feast Cat Food Reviews

The response – actually, the cats’ response, mostly – has been very favorable. The highest rated, Fancy Feast Grilled, got a whopping 97/100.  The other two, Gravy Lovers Gourmet and Chicken Feast in Gravy, received 90 and 88, respectively.

Although some readers have posted negative feedbacks, I believe these scores indicate that the majority of Viewpoints readers whose cats have tried these products continue to buy them because the cats love it.

Quality of Ingredients

Most readers who reviewed the product have indicated their satisfaction with the ingredients. The filler content is low, and meat-based ingredients are generally used with little meat by-products involved. The most telling evidence, I believe, are the cats themselves. They just love the taste, which is the best argument in any pet owner’s eyes. Here are some reader’s comments that reflect this:

“I find the quality of the Fancy Feast Chicken in Gravy to be quite decent. It seems to have minimal fillers with chunky pieces of meat and enough gravy to keep it moist and not dry for my cats to eat. The primary ingredients listed are meat based as opposed to meat by-products.” cinberbell1

“I have researched the ingredients for this particular food and I believe them to be of good quality. I do not have any reservations about giving her this food. It is not the healthiest food on the market, but it is healthy enough that it will not hurt her or make her sick.” Fairyrhi

Flavor Selection

Response is mixed when it comes to the number of flavors people can choose from.  Some readers would like to have more flavors, while others are satisfied. A number state that the size of the selection does not matter much since what their cats are really after is the gravy.

“There [are] so many flavors to choose from. And I love that they try to stick to meat as the majority ingredient. Some other brand I’ve tried are like meat and veggies, meat and rice. Then you open the can and [it's] mostly rice! Cats are carnivores, they want meat, not rice and vegetables! They do enjoy the meat and cheese flavors though.” yustenka

“I generally [buy] Fancy Feast canned food once or twice a month but find the flavor selection not much to choose from.” cinberbell1

“My cats loved the gravy and would eat the food, but they far preferred the gravy itself in the meal.” jessi00

What everyone agrees on, in my opinion, is to let the cat be the judge. Most cat owners, after a time, can tell how wide a selection of flavors will satisfy their cat.

Great for Finicky Cats

In general, almost all the readers are in agreement that choosy, finicky cats – most cats, really – take to Fancy Feast’s cat food. Cats who shunned other cat food products from other companies did not think twice when given Fancy Feast. The comment below illustrates this quite clearly for me.

“My cat can be a very finicky and picky eater. Sometimes he loves dry food and sometimes he will turn his nose up at it, kick up his heels and walk away. [Some days], it is downright annoying. When he gets like that, I head to the nearest grocery store, which thankfully is right down the street, and pick up Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers cat food. I try not to buy it too often as he gets spoiled by the great taste, and then that is all he wants to eat, which gets expensive because he eats a lot.” lylasmoo

Bottom Line

The verdict passed by the majority of Viewpoints readers is that Fancy Feast provides cat food that finicky cats cannot have enough of. It contains high-quality ingredients with excellent nutritional value for the cat. The number of flavors to choose from is acceptably wide. Overall, finicky or not, I would definitely give my cat this treat.

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