DIY Projects: Spruce Up Your Kitchen In Under An Hour

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60-minute home Improvements might sound implausible, but if Rachael Ray can teach you to cook an entire dinner in just 30 minutes, I can tell you how you can make meaningful improvements to your home in just 30 minutes more.

Like Mrs. Xeno and I, if you enjoy watching programs such as Designed to Sell and Get it Sold on HGTV, you probably find it ironic that so many of us put more energy and thought into improving our homes when we decide to sell them than while we’re busy living in them.  What’s also surprising is how inexpensive and quick many of the most valuable improvement projects are. In the spirit of these shows, let’s take at a couple of kitchen DIY projects that are  simple, quick and, above all, doable by almost anyone.

There are no big heavy duty projects here, so you can stop wondering where you put your drop cloths, your power sprayer and the sawzall.  Actually, you’ll be amazed at the bang for your buck you get with small, relatively simple and quick DIY projects that won’t drain your wallet or schedule.

Mid-course correction

Remember the last time you remodeled a room?  It looked great didn’t it?  But then a few years go by and somehow it doesn’t quite hold together like it did.  In our case it was our kitchen.  We installed dark speckled granite counters, egg-shell white high gloss cabinetry and a mix of egg-shell white and black accented appliances.  The black appliances looked great with the dark granite, while the egg-shell white appliances gave brightness to the room.  So, what happened?

Well, as appliances needed replacement, out went the egg-shell white an in came the stainless steel. Suddenly, things seemed just a little off.  A good example is that of our drawer and cabinet hardware. To complement the egg-shell white cabinets and appliances we had installed 1 1/4″ Polished Brass Knobs on all of our drawers and cabinets.  I’ve always loved the look of polished brass.

But now, with the increased use of stainless steel, the polished brass seemed out of place, a discontinuity if you will.  The solution was pretty simple.  We still loved the simplicity of the knobs, it was the color that was wrong.

A quick trip to Home Depot got us more than half-way done.  We picked 1 1/4″ Satin Nickel Brass Knobs, which blended with the stainless steel while still looking great on the cabinets and providing a nice contrast to the dark granite counters.  Sold in value packs of 10 for about $15, it took just $45 and less than an hour to make the change.  The only tool needed was a screwdriver. Either a flat-bladed or Phillips-head will do.

To complete the look, we replaced some of the counter-top accents.  A quick trip to Home Goods allowed us to replace our egg-shell white canister set with a similar black set for all of $14.99.

Some additional de-cluttering, and in less than an hour our kitchen had that “just finished” look with hardly any effort at all.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer RudiXeno.

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