The Kind Diet: Alicia Silverstone’s Initiation Into a Vegan Lifestyle

The Kind Diet

The Kind Diet is actress Alicia Silverstone”s introduction to the vegan lifestyle. It can be a difficult process, but The Kind Diet includes a helpful step-by-step process.

Many have heard about the virtues of a vegan diet. For the unfamiliar or the very recently initiated, this diet calls for eating only plants, nothing from animals whatsoever. People who have tried this type of diet discover that it is not an easy switch. For those planning to shift to this diet though, Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet, serves as a creditable how-to guide and practical cookbook — not just a weight loss prescription.

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

The Kind Diet book

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is basically an explanation of why choosing to become a vegan is not only good for you but for others and nature as well. It also identifies two main “nasty” food groups (meat and dairy products) and a host of other food items the authors terms “nasty stuff.” These include white sugar and other processed food.

The second part is a practical guide on how to make the shift from a diet consisting mostly of meat to a vegan diet. The author discusses three phases: flirting, going vegan, and superhero (when one becomes truly vegan). This section also discusses the practical aspects of how to become a vegan that other similar books gloss over.

The last part of the book lists different recipes. There are two categories: vegan and superhero. This section is filled with what appears to be mouth-watering dishes that the author has already tried herself and has found satisfactory enough to present to the reader. Good Housekeeping featured some Kind Diet recipes with the author’s comments in its section on healthy recipes.

What makes The Kind Diet attractive to beginning vegans

The book provides a practical approach to becoming a vegan. The author recognizes the various challenges that people face when they decide to make such a big change in their eating habits. Not only are beginning vegans faced with the challenge of making an unfamiliar set of ingredients into a palatable meal, they are also faced with having to acquire new kitchen equipment and even cooking techniques.

Another aspect that makes this book attractive to any reader is that it comes from the viewpoint of a person who successfully made the transition. The information is very much from a layperson’s point of view with just the necessary amount of medicalese. The section on “flirting,” the first step to becoming a vegan, lays out how to gradually transition from being a meat eater to becoming more of a vegetarian.

The book also has something to offer to those who are already full-fledged vegans when it discusses cooking techniques, and of course there may be a number of recipes or recipe variations that a vegan has not tried yet.

Some difficulties that might be encountered on The Kind Diet

As the author stated in the book, it is a question of commitment. Desire does not always make things happen unless it is coupled with committed action. WebMD has categorized the amount of difficulty those who try it face as just medium.

The bottom line

Alicia Silverstone, an actress and conservationist who authored the book, encapsulates the idea behind the book with the question about when was the last time one did something wonderful (ate a great meal) that also benefited everyone else, including nature. She not only puts this idea in an attractive light but also provides a realistic road map for those who would like to adopt the vegan lifestyle.

Those who are considering the vegan diet will find The Kind Diet truly enlightening.

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