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portable washing machines

Lots of people don’t have room for a washer and dryer, but you may be able to do laundry at home with one of these top-rated portable washing machines.

Portable washing machines have come a long way in just the past few years.  Today, portable washing machines clean better and use far less energy than portable brands did even three short years ago. In fact, other than the size of the load, today’s portable machines do just about everything that their bigger brothers do — only for a lot less money.

Choosing only the best

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Of course, as with almost anything in this world, not all portable washing machines are equal. Some are just better than others. This article aims to help the reader find the best portable washing machine at the best price with all of the best features.

When it comes to the best, Viewpoints readers and reviewers alike seem to feel that the Haier HLP23E (90/100) is perhaps the best of the best when it comes to portable clothes cleaning. This top-loading machine gets super high marks from readers and excellent ratings from Viewpoints reviewers. And, at a price of around $350, this machine seems well worth the money.

In fact, Viewpoints reviewer Lylasmoo gushes:

“I love this washing machine. Not only does it fit in my rather small apartment, it is quiet and works amazingly well. The clothes come out perfectly clean! It hooks up easily to my sink faucet.”

Kenmore Compact Portable Top Load Washer 4472

Kenmore Compact Portable Top Load Washer 4472

More of the best

Kenmore is a name synonymous with dependability, and Viewpoints readers and reviewers agree that the Kenmore 4472 (72/100) portable washing machine is both dependable and versatile. It has plenty of settings for almost any type of load, with a variety of temperature choices, and it is small enough for almost any apartment or condo. In fact, the only real negative about the machine is the price, just a hair over $800 at most Sears stores.

Keep in mind, however, that with the slightly hefty price, one gets a heavy-duty washer that can:

    • Do larger loads than many other portable models
    • Save time
    • Save money on water and utilities

In fact, Viewpoints reviewer ANAOLIVEROS had this to say about the Kenmore portable:

“So, for the people reading this I really think you should consider this because it is of a lot of help and well, it WILL take less of your time! I GUARANTEE it!” So for anyone whoe time is valuable — which is practically almost everyone – this is a portable worth considering.”

Top marks for a top loader

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Finally, we have the Danby Compact Top Loader DTT420 (83/100). This machine gets top ratings and rave reviews from almost everyone associated with Viewpoints. And at about $400, this model not only gets the job done and gets it done right, but it does so at a price that makes sense.

Viewpoints reviewer RUBYGIRL007 can’t say enough great things about this machine.

“I Love It!” she says. “This machine is the perfect addition to any household. We did a lot of research before we purchased this particular portable washer. If you need a small washing machine you cannot beat this one. It doesn’t take up too much much space. If you are trying to cut down your water bill, Danby is the best choice and does an excellent job in cleaning our clothes and is remarkably quiet and easy to use.  I absolutely love it!”

Each of the models mentioned above come highly recommended by Viewpoints readers and reviewers. If a portable washing machine is due for purchase, choosing better than one of the three models in this article is a tall order.

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