Jamison Mattress Reviews – Marriott Bed Is Decent Product, Mixed Reviews

Jamison Mattress Reviews

Sometimes the hype doesn’t live up to expectations, like with the Marriott bed. Jamison mattress reviews offered mixd experiences for the Marriott bed.

For those who have trouble getting a good night’s sleep (like myself), a firm, comfortable mattress is worth its weight in gold — and silver and jewels, too. Given the price of a good mattress today, I often wonder if the best mattress manufacturers actually do make their products out of gold and precious gems.

Not too long ago, I was shopping and price comparing mattresses online and found Viewpoints’ reviews to be very helpful. I knew that I wanted a mattress to be comfortable, but other than this obvious requirement, I was at a loss as to what to look for exactly.

Taking a look at the good news and the bad news from  reviewers helped me make a final purchasing decision on whether a Jamison mattress was a good fit for me. The short answer is no, I didn’t opt for the Jamison mattress even though the Jamison “Marriott Bed” Mattress earned a score of 82/100 points on Viewpoints.

Jamison "The Marriott" Mattress

Jamison “The Marriott” Mattress

The Good News

In the end, I did choose a different mattress, but the positive reviews from several Viewpoints reviewers forced me to consider my options carefully. The good reviews on Viewpoints spoke glowingly of Jamison memory foam mattresses:

“My favorite thing about the bed is that there are no pressure points from sleeping on springs. I could not sleep on my right side in our old bed, because my hip would ache and I’d wake up hardly able to move in the morning.” MEMommyof4

“I read several reviews before I bought the Marriott Bed…I love this bed. My husband and I are sleeping great, waking with no aches and pains. Exactly the same sleep experience as the hotel, except I have to make my own bed now.” suethomp1

Like all things in life, however, there is always a catch.

The Bad News

Surely, there is no such thing as a perfect product, but the bad news on Jamison mattresses made me give this product a second thought. Since most people only buy a new mattress after they can’t stand their old one, I paid close attention to the words of warning on Viewpoints:

“Have not slept since buying this mattress it is just a big piece of foam rubber that sinks in the middle and leaves an indention…I get up with a back ache every morning. It’s also hard to get out of because it sinks down to the box springs.” restlesssleep

“Hugely disappointed in the overall quality and durability. I travel 12-15 days a month and stay in Marriott hotels. I was so happy with the “Marriott” bed that I bought one. However, within 6 months I was sleeping in a huge gully, not normal contouring.” OhioTraveller

At the end of the day, the reviews were just too mixed in my opinion to take the risk of buying a Jamison mattress. Maybe if I stayed a couple of nights in a Marriott nearby, I’d feel differently, but I doubt it. The final verdict is that the Marriott beds from Jamison mattresses are decent products with mixed reviews, which is why I chose a different product in the end.

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