As Seen on TV: Seat Pets! Kids Just Got More Comfortable On Car Rides

VIDEO: Seat Pets are one As Seen on TV product that lives up to the hype. The Seat Pets stuffed animal will keep your kids happy and safe in the car. 

Are your kids commuting for long hours in the car? Planning a Spring Break road trip? Meet As Seen on TV’s most sought after Seat Pet. It’s a stuffed animal pillow that covers the seat belt and helps put an end to uncomfortable neck positions that all kids are prone to while sleeping in the back seat.

My two kids always insist on bringing their blankets and favorite stuffed animals along on longer drives, and it’s a constant battle to limit the amount of toys in the car. I always end up spending most of the trip reaching back to try and retrieve lost treasures that have fallen to the floor. Plus, bringing along their most special blankets and teddies only increases the risk of losing them somewhere at a hotel or rest stop. And that would be devastating for all. The Seat Pet seems to be the perfect kid-friendly solution to those car travel stressors most parents face. Buckle in and snuggle up!

Product: Seat Pet
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Est. Price: $17.95-$19.99, plus a $2 discount if you buy more than one


  • Travel pets attach securely to the seatbelt – no more reaching into the backseat to retrieve dropped blankets and stuffed animals.
  • Seatbelts are guaranteed to stay safely in their proper position across your child’s chest when Seat Pets are attached
  • A soft pillow with an adorable animal face fits comfortably under your child’s neck – and stays in place!
  • Eliminates dangling heads and sore necks while napping
  • Seat Pets also have multiple storage pockets for small toys, snacks and water bottles, all within easy reach
  • Comes with a backpack strap if you want to take your Seat Pet out of the car
  • Five adorable pets to choose from including a ladybug, dog, lion, cat and monkey
  • Easy to detach and machine washable!

Worried that your child won’t like the feel of this seatbelt snuggly? This As Seen on TV toy offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try it risk free. It’s also important to note that orders can take up to four weeks for delivery. If you are planning to drive south this spring it’d be a good idea to place your order in advance. Kids will never look at long car rides the same; with everything they need within reach long drives might actually be a relaxing experience for all.

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