Three Lies in the Slap Chop Commercial

VIDEO: According to Viewpoints reviewers, the Slap Chop commercial tells a very different story than their experiences.

Modern day cooks are all about convenience. We need to do twice as many things, in half of the time. I am always looking for ways to multitask and get dinner cooked faster, so that I can get on with the other million things I have to do. When I first heard about the Slap Chop, I thought, “Oh that would be great! I could free up one hand while briskly chopping away at my onions with the other!” However, upon doing a little more research on the poorly rated 49/100 Slap Chop, and not letting that infomercial suck me in, I think I will take a pass on this one and stick to the good ol’ knife.

As Seen on TV Slap Chop

As Seen on TV Slap Chop

The idea behind the Slap Chop is that you can chop up just about anything you might need for a recipe, in a matter of seconds, with just one finger (or palm). Watching the infomercial made me really think twice about buying one of these. There’s no need to get the knives out, and it seems super easy to clean, as it comes apart completely to wash. This little gadget could potentially replace most of your knives, and do the work in a fraction of the time. The problem, however, seems to be the fact that it doesn’t really work so well. The informercial promises an easy-to-use appliance that will change the way you cook, but Viewpoints reviewers put it to the test, and found the Slap Chop commercial exaggerated quite a bit.

Slap Chop doesn’t chop evenly

One of the biggest issues Viewpoints reviewers seem to have is that it just doesn’t work. Trying to chop up onions will leave you with many different sized pieces and chunks lodged into the blades themselves.

“I needed onions and apples chopped for an Indian curry I was making. Len wanted to try it and cut the small onion in half. He slapped down on it several times. There were tiny pieces, medium pieces, and large pieces. He removed the tiny pieces and slapped down on the large pieces. When he checked on the onion it was smashed down, and a piece of the blade was bent.” —Susie-34668

“I placed a half of onion with the peel in under the blades. One – two – three HARD chops and the onion isn’t chopped at all. It’s smooshed and the peel did not come off like the commercial said it would.” —MichelleShops

Liquid turns to mush

Also, if you try to chop up anything with a little more liquid in them (tomatoes) you will end up with a pile of mush and not much of a chopped effect. There goes fresh made salsa!

“This product was horrible. It did a lot of slapping and whole lot of not chopping. I ended up with uneven ‘chops’ of onion and a huge chunk. I gave it the benefit of user error and tried again with some tomato – just a big juicy mess.” —purduesmiles

Slap Chop blades are hard to clean

Of course, cleaning is a big factor in my kitchen, and if it’s not easy to clean, I don’t want it. I can clean my knife with a few scrubs of a brush. The slap chop has several different pieces that come apart for cleaning, however the blades themselves do not, and are wavy and hard to clean.

“The dishwasher doesn’t always get in between the blades clean and hand washing is difficult” —GMRsMom

“The blades are in this weird shape, and it makes it nearly impossible to get all crevices without cutting yourself, or missing a spot. It’s definitely not as easy as it claims to clean on the TV commercial, by just running it under water and it all comes off.” —gigi4ricky

Sadly, it looks like the Slap Chop is joining the “too good to be true” club and won’t be anything but more of a pain, and more work than it’s worth. I think I will stick to my good old knife and cutting board.

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