Kitchen Update: Drawer Microwaves

drawer microwaves

We’ve all heard of countertop microwaves, over-the-range microwaves, over-the-counter microwaves, but have you ever heard of drawer microwaves? Neither had we.

You store silverware, pots, pans and even your garbage bin in your kitchen drawers. Doing so keeps the clutter off your counters and frees up space. But something new is coming to your kitchen drawer: microwaves. Could this revolutionize kitchen organization or is a microwave in a drawer just too weird? We investigate.

What are drawer microwaves?

Drawer microwaves are exactly what they sound like: microwaves that fit under countertops. They also pull out like a drawer, rather than having a swing open door. These microwave drawers fit perfectly in with your cabinets since they are usually about one cubic foot, about the standard size for a kitchen drawer. They are also at a height easily accessible by children (under parental guidance of course), and most are equipped with safety locks for homes with toddlers.

Who makes drawer microwaves?

Drawer microwaves are just hitting the scene so few manufactures actually sell them. Two brands that do sell drawer microwave models are Sharp and Dacor. Sharp drawer microwaves can be found at most appliance retailers, however Dacor microwaves are only available in certain areas. Check the Dacor website to see if you live near a Dacor retailer.

How much do they cost?

Since they are one of the latest microwave innovations, drawer microwaves don’t come cheap. Expect to pay between $700 and $1,000. Sharp’s cheapest drawer microwave, the 24″ “Easy Open” Microwave Drawer, costs $999.99.

How are they installed?

When thinking about drawer microwaves, it’s important to really evaluate your kitchen space. You might want to only invest in this type of microwave if you’re seriously remodeling your kitchen or building a new home. This way, your microwave can be built-in from the start. Not rebuilding? You’ll want to investigate the dimensions of your kitchen counters to determine if the microwave will fit. Be aware that installing a drawer microwave can be an undertaking, and it will be difficult to do yourself.

What is the benefit of having a drawer microwave?

If you are going to invest in a drawer microwave there must be some benefits to outweigh the wallet-damaging cons.

  • One would definitely be the cool factor. These microwaves look really hi-tech so if you’re upgrading the look and feel of your kitchen, built-in drawer microwaves are something to consider.
  • They can also act as a food warmer once you’ve already cooked your dish.
  • Drawer microwaves are lower to the ground, making them easier to reach for you and your kids who might be helping out around the kitchen, or heating up some Totino’s Pizza Rolls as a snack.
  • Since drawer microwaves are below countertops, they free up some much needed counter space.

Editor’s Note: This article  was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer Sara1231.

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