Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies

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Using pacifiers has many advantages such as soothing a cranky baby: “buying” time until the next feeding, addressing your newborn baby’s strong suck reflex and reducing the likelihood of SIDS.

The question on many nursing mothers’ mind? “What is the best pacifier for breastfed babies?” Parent’s have lots of concerns about pacifers. Are they sanitary? Will there be orthodontic problems in the future? And, will a pacifier cause my baby “nipple confusion” or interfere with breastfeeding?” Find out what our nursing parents consider to be the best pacifier for breastfed babies.

The First Years Soothie Pacifier

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One reviewer, a healthcare provider for new mothers and infants and a breastfeeding advocate, normally doesn’t advocate the use of a pacifier. But when she does, she recommends the The First Years Soothie Pacifier.

Reviewers like the quality, shape, and performance of these pacifiers especially for their nursing babies, but also appreciate that it comes in different sizes for growing babies.

“The large round shape makes it impossible for her to choke on this soothie.  Also, since it’s all one piece we don’t have to worry about any parts breaking off. This means we can give it to her day or night without concern.” vivasuzi, Reviewer since 2007

Sassy MAM Start Pacifier

Viewpoints score of 95/100 based on 32 reviews

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Sassy MAM Start Pacifiers are BPA free, inexpensive, easy to find, has a super soft nipple and offers different sizes for growing babies. More importantly, Sassy MAM Start pacifiers are “great for breastfeeding babies.”

“Right away she seemed to like the MAM pacifier over any of the others and sure enough, after we got home, that’s the only one she would use. So off we went to the store to get more MAM pacifiers and all the others we bought when I was pregnant went back in a drawer! Now we have another baby and same as the first, MAM pacifiers are the only things she uses!” obunoelle, Reviewer since 2011

Avent Pacifiers

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Avent Pacifiers were also a top choice for our reviewers.

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“After placing the pacifier in her mouth for the first time, she took right to it, and has loved these pacifiers ever since.These pacifiers come with protective covers that snap on and off easily, which is great because I can just throw them in my diaper bag and not worry about the pacifiers getting covered in dirt and other things.” LaurenB2010, Reviewer since 2011

Bottom line

So, whether you call it a “paci,” “binky,” “soother” or “nuk,” babies who are nursed definitely have choices when it comes to the best pacifier for breastfed babies.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer LisaCarey.

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