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Green is the new black. With the wave of environmental awareness, Earth-conscious consumers are changing the way they live in hopes of leaving a smaller carbon footprint. But what about when they’re cleaning the “footprints” left in their home?

The majority of common household cleaning products are not only bad for the environment, but can also be harmful to you and your family’s health. We did the dirty work and found a line of natural cleaning products that promise a safe clean. Check it out.

Method Products are a line of cleaning solutions that not only are environmentally friendly, but also devoid of toxic chemicals. Better yet: they actually work. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite green products and compared them to what you may currently have in your cleaning closet.

To replace Lysol Surface Cleaners

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If you’re currently using Lysol Surface Cleaner, try Method’s All Purpose Cleaner (Grapefruit, Cucumber, French Lavender or Fragrance Free, $4.00). The “All Purpose” in this product is no joke. Use this Method soap in the kitchen, bathroom, and even on furniture. The unique scents leave an air-freshener quality instead of a stinging bleach smell. It cleans and leaves no harmful residues.

“There is no rinsing required, and it left my kitchen fresh without any overpowering scent.  This has become my cleaner of choice for light household cleaning.” LoveisJoy, Reviewer since 2007

To replace Windex

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If you’re currently using Windex, try Method’s “Best in Glass” Cleaner (Mint, $4.00). If the invigorating and fresh mint scent doesn’t win you over, then hopefully the streak-less clean will.

“Pretty much everyone in my household has some sort of asthma/allergy issues and after doing a lot of reading on those topics I found a lot of studies linking household cleaners to these respiratory issues… Method Window Wash works just as well as every other cleaner, but you don’t have to worry about your kids touching the cleaner and it being harmful to them.” sarahspendsless, Reviewer since 2010

To replace Tide

If you’re currently using Tide, try Method’s “Squeaky Green Landry Detergent” (Fresh Air, Sweet Water, Fragrance Free, $15.00). The majority of popular detergents boast more bang for your buck, but what they’re really doing is watering down the soap so you have to use more. In return, you have to buy more. Method’s detergent requires just a small cap full for full laundry loads. That’s fifty loads in one bottle!

To replace Pine Sol

If you’re currently using Pine Sol, try Method’s “All Floor Lemon Ginger Cleaner” (Lemon Ginger, Almond $6.00). When you walk barefoot around your home, you carry what you use to clean your floors onto furniture and even into bed. Unlike the majority of popular floor cleaners, this Method product shines and deodorizes your floors without using abrasive chemicals.

To replace Clorox

If you’re currently using Clorox toilet cleaner, try Method’s “Lil Bowl Blu” (Eucalyptus Mint, $6.00). While using the power of lactic acid instead of chemicals, this Method product naturally deodorizes and cleans away tough stains while leaving a scent of fresh eucalyptus.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer ByronFlitsch.

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