What To Do For a Car Seat Recall

car seat recall

Safety is number one when it comes to your kids, so what do you need to do to stay safe when there’s a car seat recall?

Is your baby’s car seat being recalled?

When baby is on the way we search and search for the best car seat trusting it will keep our precious cargo safe while on the road. What happens though when the brand you trusted with the safety of your infant suddenly announces a car seat recall? Just last week one of the most trusted car seat manufacturers, Graco, issued a huge recall of 3.8 million car seats due to a faulty buckle.

Finding out about car seat recalls

You may be saying to yourself “how do I stay informed of recent baby product recalls?” One of the first things companies encourage consumers to do is complete the product registration card included with the product. I used to think this was just for adding you to the mailing lists, but manufacturers put your information in a database along with the serial number, which helps identify products involved. In addition you can check the manufacturer’s website or The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Child Seat Recall Campaign Listing found here. Doctor’s offices, children’s stores and daycare centers will also have safety recall postings.

What to do when you hear about a car seat recall

You might hear that a manufacturer has recalled a car seat through the news or social media. If it’s your brand of car seat, it’s going to immediately pique your interest. First, find the official notice, usually on the manufacturer’s website. Read through the release completely, taking note of the make and model of the car seat being recalled and why. Usually the notice will state the years the item was sold and the serial numbers affected. Compare all this information to your car seat to see if it is included in the recall.

If your car seat has been identified as part of a car seat recall, look through the details of the recall as it will tell you exactly what to do. Instructions for the recall will differ depending on what the complaint was. In the case of the recent Graco car seat recall, the company voluntarily issued the notice due to a buckle system that is prone to getting stuck. In the notice, Graco shows how to clean the buckle properly and then instructs owners to order a new buckle. In the case that your car seat poses an immediate safety threat, stores that sell car seats will usually take the seat in exchange for a new one.

Car seat recalls are always for the safety of your child. When the company has issued a car seat recall, they are responsible for fixing the problem, whether that is issuing a replacement piece or exchanging the seat for a safer version. Always make sure to call the manufacturer if you have concerns regarding the safety of your particular car seat after a recall has been issued.

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