Best Facial Cleansers For Oily Skin

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People with oily skin have a hard time finding a face wash that will clean but won’t strip their skin of essential oils. There a few washes that Viewpoints reviewers swear by.

Oily skin is actually a natural anti-aging gift but people who have it say oily skin is anything BUT a gift! Keeping oily skin clean without stripping it is not easy. Our reviewers have tried all types of facial cleansers and found the following to be among the very best for controlling oily skin and improving the overall look of their faces. Let’s take a look at what real people like you and I say are the best facial cleansers for oily skin.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Cleanser

Viewpoints score of 82/100 based on 38 reviews

Reviewers love the citrus scent of this cleanser but going well beyond that, they love the bursting beads and the low price. But of course, the main thing reviewers like about Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Cleanser is the way it makes their skin look.

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“Since I have been using this product, my skin has been staying clear pretty much always.” huneebunch2737, Reviewer since 2009

“The cleanser works very well. After I use it, my skin feels really clean and refreshed. I was a little worried about it drying out my skin but that wasn’t a problem. When I am done using this product my skin feels clean, refreshed and not the slightest bit dry.” Spuggles, Reviewer since 2009

For an inexpensive drugstore facial cleanser, Clean & Clear gets the job done as well as pricey face washes!

Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash

Viewpoints score of 86/100 based on 14 reviews

This is another drugstore face wash that gets a nod from our oily skinned experts. This pearly cream cleanser deeply cleanses skin down to the pores and helps to maintain oily skin’s balance. It addresses both teen and adult acne and breakouts with surprising swiftness.

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“Adults with acne and redness, go forth and purchase products from the Clearasil Ultra line. They are affordable, they are easily available at stores, and they WORK! I no longer accept facial acne and redness as being a part of how I look.” lebanonmommy, Reviewer since 2009

The price is right and this line has several skin care products for oily skin and acne that work in sync with one another – and they’re all available at drugstores.

L’Oreal Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Gel Cleanser

Viewpoints score of 86/100 based on 29 reviews

This transparent pink gel not only addresses the needs of oily skin but tightens and minimizes pores as well.

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“The first time I used this product, I noticed a difference immediately. My skin looked smoother and I didn’t see those annoying little ‘holes’ on my nose and chin area.” kiesha48203, Reviewer since 2007

For those with oily skin, large pores come with the territory but L’Oreal Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Gel Cleanser actually works to reduce their size. This not only makes skin look better but doesn’t allow as much dirt to become trapped in the pores so breakouts are less frequent.

“I am very particular about what products I use on my skin, since I tend to have oily/acne prone skin, but depending on climates, gets really flaky and dry. Can I just say that I LOVED the results of this product. My pores seemingly shrank instantly, however almost a month later, the results are even noticeable to friends and family.” BellaStar05, Reviewer since 2010

This cleanser is available at drugstores in a convenient pump bottle.

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

Viewpoints score of 90/100 based on 63 reviews

This face wash is a bit pricey but our reviewers feel it is worth every penny and then some!

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“Checks and Balances keeps acne breakouts at bay, and its frothy minty lather cleans deep down without stripping moisture.” blueberryintx, Reviewer since 2008

Made for oily or combination skin, this face wash keeps skin balanced – never too dry and never too oily – say its devotees. And it’s super concentrated which helps defray the cost of the small tube.

“Normally by lunchtime, my skin would look like I dunked myself in a vat of grease, or just ran 100 mile marathon. Not anymore with this cleanser!!!” morningangel513, Reviewer since 2007

Our reviewers say a little of this product goes a long way and that their skin is truly balanced when they use it. Breakouts are nearly a thing of the past and shine is greatly diminished all day!

Bottom line

If you have oily skin, you don’t have to live with shininess, large pores, and breakouts. The right cleanser is a great start at maintaining the balance of your skin and keeping it looking fresh and glowing. Give these cleansers a try or tell us about YOUR favorite facial cleanser for oily skin by writing your own a review!

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