Similac Sensitive Reviews: Well-Received By Babies and Moms

Similac Sensitive Reviews

Similac Sensitive reviews prove that moms love Similac Sensitive for feeding babies with lactose intolerance and sensitive tummies.

Just like developmental milestones being different for every baby, the nutritional needs can also vary too. While on average babies will be fine with a traditional baby formula, many others have digestive difficulties that require a more specialized baby formula. While all babies have fussy and gassy periods, persistent gassiness could be a symptom to a digestive problem. One of the most prevalent digestive problems infants tend to have is being lactose intolerant or having a lactose sensitivity.

One of the first solutions is to try is a sensitive baby formula that is easier to digest. Similac Sensitive for Fussiness and Gas is a popular sensitive baby formula that is also fairly highly rated (89/100 based on almost 300 reviews). It is a milk-based baby formula, but Similac Sensitive is lactose free and contains proteins that are further broken down to help aid digestion and reduce the gassiness. Similac Sensitive is a specialized formula, but it still contains the Similac Early Shied nutrients that promote healthy brain, eye and immune system development.

Similac Sensitive Reviews: Ease of Digestion

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Mom after mom raves about the wonders Similac Sensitive worked for their fussy and gassy baby with mostly 10 and 8 ratings overall. The moms with an 8/10 rating stated Similac Sensitive didn’t work as quickly as they had hoped, but eventually it cleared up the fussiness.

Only about 5 percent of the reviews indicate the formula did not work for their baby. Since every baby is different, not all baby formulas will work well for every baby, and that’s why we have an entire grocery aisle devoted to baby formula.

“I immediately noticed a difference after the first feeding, and within a week he was doing so much better. He wasn’t gassy and fussy and uncomfortable any more. He was full, happy and healthy.” redsoxmom09

Similac Sensitive comes in both powder format and ready-to-feed liquid. Several moms mention that the formula seemed extra bubbly or more foamy than they thought it should. Similac products come in the easy pack container (in the 1.45 lb size), which has a wide opening and convenient holder for the scoop so it doesn’t get lost.

As with any nutrition needs, it is important to check with your pediatrician for recommendations regarding infant nutrition and guidance. While Similac Sensitive doesn’t work for all babies who experience gassiness and fussiness, the vast majority who have tried it have gotten desirable outcomes, resulting in a happy healthy baby – and momma who can finally sleep.

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