What Is The Best Espresso Machine Under $200?


Many people throw away hundreds of dollars a month on buying coffee drinks either at the closest Starbucks or even at over-priced local coffee shops. Making coffee at home is always a cinch, but what about the trickier drinks? Image courtesy flickr user: Otto Phokus

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From cappuccinos to lattes and espresso, the majority of people opt to buy these beverages because they don’t have an espresso or cappuccino machine at home. These machines look daunting and expensive, but they can actually be easy for you and your wallet. Over at Viewpoints, we tried to answer the question, “What is the best espresso machine under $200?” and came up with three results.

So what kind of espresso and cappuccino machine are you looking for? Check out these top three machines to find out.

1. Hamilton Beach Cappuccino Plus Espresso Maker 40729

Viewpoints score of 88/100 based on 5 reviews

Whether you’re a novice espresso maker or a seasoned coffee-holic, the Hamilton Beach Cappuccino Plus Espresso Maker 40729 can be the machine for you. This budget espresso maker comes with a warming tray and a drip tray. Unlike many other machines, the Hamilton Beach espresso maker works with both pods and ground espresso.

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“For the price of this machine compared to other professional machines, this little guy gets the coffee done well.” thallcoupons, Reviewer since 2009

There is room for two cups, so you can create a variety of coffee drinks. And, even though this product is discontinued, you can still find it for sale on Amazon and eBay.

2. Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso & Cappuccino Maker ECM160

Viewpoints score of 81/100 based on 20 reviews

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If you’re looking for a steam espresso machine, the Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso & Cappuccino Maker ECM160 is a serious bargain – just a handful of uses and the machine is worth the money.

“I’ve been using this espresso/cappuccino maker for over a year and it has been very consistent in its output for this time.  I have used a number of coffees and this machine has always produced a solid espresso in short order.  The maker comes with almost everything you need, except for a frothing carafe.  I have mostly been frothing my milk in a mug and adding the espresso to it.  Still very good, and it mixes well.”pagnt8, Reviewer since 2009

3. DeLonghi Espresso and Cappuccino Maker EC140B

Viewpoints score of 89/100 based on 3 reviews

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For a two-in-one machine, the DeLonghi Espresso and Cappuccino Maker EC140B is definitely a budget espresso maker. It can hold one or two shots of espresso, so you can make the perfect amount for yourself.

“All I know is that I get a richer, more aromatic, more tasty cup of coffee.” bluemonitor, Reviewer since 2009

“One of the absolute best espresso makers I’ve ever had. This pump-driven espresso maker has consistent, forgiving and delicious powers.” Phorapples, Reviewer since 2010


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