Ped Egg Reviews File Down the Hype

Ped Egg Reviews

Is the Ped Egg a hit or a miss? This summary of Ped Egg reviews from Viewpoints reviewers files down the hype around the fun-shaped foot file.

If your main mode of transportation is walking, then you know that dry, callused heels not only look unpleasant, but also are uncomfortable and painful. The search for how to remove calluses with little time and money does not always heed a variety of results either. The typical solutions to taming dry heels are pumice stones, files, or splurging on a much-needed pedicure. The Ped Egg foot file says that it replaces all of these methods at less than half the cost and with much less to clean up. Viewpoints reviewers weighed in on the product, and while it was loved overall for its filing results, reviewers made sure to note in their Ped Egg reviews that it did not live up to all expectations, particularly in terms of mess.

Ped Egg

Ped Egg

Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File

Viewpoints Score: 80/100 
Est. Cost: $8.99


How to use the Ped Egg

The Ped Egg is advertised as an easy-clean replacement for traditional foot files. It’s a three-part product including a metal filing component, a snap-on container to eliminate filing mess, and a base component used mostly to hold the emery board attachment. To use the Ped Egg, you first snap the filing component to the container. Once the product is put together, the instructions say to hold the Ped Egg and move it back and forth “length-wise” starting with the area where you’re looking to remove the most skin. The Ped Egg instructions also encourage users to check frequently for any signs of irritation or removal of the callus from the area to avoid injury. Viewpoints reviewers found that the product is not a revolutionary replacement for traditional files and pumice stones, but it is a decent alternative that gets the job done well with a little less clean up.

The Ped Egg gets the job done

The Ped Egg’s overall job is to remove the dead skin build up from feet, specifically in the heel area. Viewpoints reviewers who gave it high scores suggested that it did not let down in its filing job. They wrote in their Ped Egg reviews that it works just as well as pumice stones and lotion, but without having to take the time to soak your feet. Reviewers also said that the Ped Egg’s metal file is surprisingly gentle and provides pain-free results.

“The ped egg is used on dry skin and gently removes the calluses from your feet. I was skeptical at first that you didn’t have to soak your feet first, but it really does a great job. It doesn’t hurt either…” joysmom, reviewer since 2008

“It does work wonders on your feet. Better then anything I have ever tried. The results were instant and it was more gentle then anything I have ever tried.” bairdfamily5, reviewer since 2008

“My feet were terrible from living in the dry climate of AZ and living in sandals. I had tried “foot dressers”, files, pumice stones and creams with minimal and short-lived results. One short session with Pedegg had my feet almost where I wanted them. Two sessions left them in better shape than they have been for years. I added a little intensive therapy cream and I am IN LOVE with my Pedegg!” Ophir-BellyDancer, reviewer since 2008

Is the Ped Egg worth the mess?

While the Ped Egg lives up to its filing reputation, one of the highlights of the product is supposed to be its capacity to keep the shaved skin in the container. The instructions state to hold the Ped Egg with the container side down. This is supposed to guarantee that it will catch any flaking skin in the container, but it only heeded awkward positioning, a lack of comfortable user control, and disappointed customers. One at-home tester talked more about this in her Ped Egg review video she posted to YouTube:

VIDEO: This is just one of many Ped Egg reviews, but the countless others speak similarly about the product. The majority of reviewers loved the ability of the Ped Egg to remove calluses from their feet, but were not impressed with the resulting mess it made.

Many Viewpoints reviewers voiced their desires in their Ped Egg reviews for the product to contain the mess no matter what position it is being held. While it shouldn’t discourage from the effectiveness of the file, the unreliability of the container was a major downside for buyers who expected it to be easy to use from the commercials.

“I’m pleased with it for the most part, because it does a better job than anything else I’ve tried, but wish it caught the ‘shavings’ better. You have to be quite flexible and coordinated, as it requires you to always hold the pedegg with “buffing” side facing up. If you turn it sideways, stuff spills out.” liznwillsmom, reviewer since 2008

“The ped egg works pretty well for filing dry skin off your feet like it shows in the commercial, but it isn’t neat like it shows. The skin shavings don’t stay neatly inside the egg. It even mentions on the package that because it’s so tidy you can use it anywhere. I certainly wouldn’t recommend that. It gets skin dust everywhere. I use it with a towel under my foot to try to contain the mess.” redstarr, reviewer since 2008

Ped Egg Reviews: the bottom line

Overall, reviewers stated that the Ped Egg’s effects are quite similar to those they can get with a pumice stone and lotion, some even said that the other tools remove calluses in less time and with better results.

“This is a very cheaply made little gadget that is really unnecessary. The results I got were similar to using good foot scrub in the shower or bath, then gently buffing and applying foot cream. It’s a novelty. I’ll use it now and then but it isn’t a must have miracle product.” PattyTherre, reviewer since 2007

“The Ped Egg does remove dry skin but it is a very slow process and no better than other methods. In fact, a basic pumice does a much better job.” Buggheart, reviewer since 2007

The Ped Egg reviews concluded that the Ped Egg delivers satisfactory filing results, working just as well to remove calluses as traditional filing tools and lotions, but without pre-soaking your feet and a little less clean up, if you remember to put down a towel to catch the runaway skin flakes. It is not a necessary pedicure item for the bathroom, but if you don’t mind the mess and want to try an alternate method to removing calluses and gaining smoother heels, the Ped Egg could be worth it.

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