Best Brownies With The Perfect Brownie Pan Set

As Seen on TV Perfect Brownie Pan

Making great brownies requires more than good ingredients. The Perfect Brownie Pan Set is the best pan for the best brownies, making baking a breeze.

The first step to making the best brownies starts not with your batter, but with your tools. You have to cook your delicious treats in a pan, but not all pans are created equal. The Perfect Brownie Pan Set, with its ability to cut brownies apart as they cook and create tasty corner edges on every piece, might bring your brownie-making skills to the next level.

I’ll be honest; I don’t like brownies very much. I had a bad experience as a child—my brother forgot the eggs, and I was forced to eat an entire batch of brownie cardboard— and I’ve never really gotten over it. Reading the reviews on the Perfect Brownie Pan Set has convinced me to give brownies another chance.

As Seen on TV Perfect Brownie Pan Set

Viewpoints Score: 81/100

Video: Watch the Perfect Brownie Set Pan commercial here. Be ready to look at some yummy treats and hear a lot of rhyming.

Infomercials always make things seem to good to be true, but Viewpoints members raved about the Perfect Brownie Pan Set. With its innovative design, brownie-edge lovers proclaimed that this product was a game changer.

One mom, who used to give away all the edge pieces to her family members, adored the fact that with the Perfect Brownie Pan everyone can get an edge piece. Both moms and grandmas endorsed the perfectly uniform brownies and the end of kids squabbling over the largest piece.

“My kids like to help me put different candies into each individual brownie before we bake them. Also since the brownies are all a uniform size their are no complaints that some are bigger than others! All in all it is a GREAT gift for anyone that loves brownies!” — rugbyot06, Reviewer since 2010 

Do brownies stick and stay, or slip away?

The Perfect Brownie Pan commercial says the pan pieces are non-stick and the actors never seem to have the slightest issue pulling out the divider rack. Is this the reality, or infomercial magic? Viewpoints members were split on this issue.

While some found the Perfect Brownie Pan simple to use and easy to clean, many complained that the pan still needed non-stick spray or their batter would stick. Owners also hated how hard it was to clean the divider’s many edges, nooks, and crannies.

“However, to someone like me who is quite capable of using a knife to cut my own brownie, this product seems slightly pointless. There are now more dishes to store and wash- and the divider has lots of corners to clean.” mdamsic, Reviewer since 2010

Innovative Design

Perfect Brownie Pan Set

Perfect Brownie Pan Set

As the infomercial shows, the Perfect Brownie Pan Set comes in three different parts: the bottom of the pan, the edges of the pan, and the brownie dividers. Once the brownies are cool, you can push the removable bottom piece up, and it becomes a convenient serving platter! This feature received less praise from reviewers. While some thought it handy for parties, many commented that some of their brownie batter would leak out the bottom of the pan. The other main cooking complaint was that cooking was uneven, but this seemed to be a rare problem. The vast majority of reviewers proclaimed brownies made with the Perfect Brownie Pan set were simple and scrumptious.

“It is really simple to use, and the brownies are always perfectly precut, moist, and delicious!” Lisas7152, Reviewer since 2010

Does the Perfect Brownie Pan Live Up to Its Name?

Overall, Viewpoints reviewers found the Perfect Brownie Pan easy to use, and many loved the unique design. Only a few reviewers had used the product for other treats, like cake and cornbread, but those who had loved the multiple possibilities of the pan. Viewpoints reviewers agreed that the Perfect Brownie Pan set didn’t quite live up to its infomercial claims, but found the pan innovative and helpful. Even as a browner-hater, I’m convinced. I know what I’m asking for this Valentine’s Day!

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