When To Use the Quick Wash Cycle On Your Washing Machine

quick wash cycle

Are you using the quick wash cycle for all your laundry? When is it OK, and when do you need more-intense cleaning?

We all want to save time and money. Certainly, none of us can afford to waste either. So how does one know when to use the quick wash cycle and when it is best to allow the washing machine to run through a full wash cycle?

Let’s start by considering how much time can be saved using the quick cycle. Not only is the entire wash cycle considerably faster when using the quick cycle, but the quick wash cycle generally means that clothes will be spun faster (wringing more water out of them), which means they will dry faster. This can be a tremendous help when time is of the essence.

Though not a hard and fast rule, generally, the quick cycle is used for small loads, such as a shirt and pants or perhaps a blouse and dress that need to be worn fairly quickly. These should not be items that are especially dirty or items with heavy-duty stains that need to be removed. The quick cycle should be thought of as a cycle used for freshening up laundry that needs to be worn on short notice.

Do not wash work clothes or other heavy-duty loads on the quick cycle. The quick cycle is not designed for deep cleaning or for removing stains.

Not for removing germs

The quick cycle is also not designed for most baby items, especially diapers or other heavily soiled garments. If germs are a concern, do not use the quick cycle, as this setting is not designed to get out germs or viruses.

Clothing for people with allergies or other sensitivities should not be washed using the quick cycle.

Who uses the quick wash most of the time?

With all that having been said, many people use the quick cycle for the majority of their laundry, especially for clothing that has only been worn once and that is not heavily soiled or stained.

Why would people use the quick cycle for most of their laundry needs? For several reasons:

  • The quick cycle is faster.
  • The quick cycle uses less water.
  • The quick cycle saves energy.

Not only does the quick cycle take far less time to run than a full wash cycle, the quick cycle also generally saves a considerable amount of water as well.

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, especially in selected parts of the country. Not only is water expensive (and the quick cycle uses considerably less water), but also, using less water is considered the mark of a good citizen in many places.

There are a number of very good reasons for using the quick cycle to do as much laundry as possible. Perhaps it is time to begin separating clothes not just by color but also by whether or not they could be washed in the quick cycle — because the more we can all use the quick cycle for our laundry, the more time we will have for other important things, and the fewer scarce and expensive resources we will all consume.

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