Why Can’t I Sleep At Night?


For awhile, Rebecca thought those naps had become the reason she couldn’t sleep at night. That idea was dismissed after she went on a business trip and had to stay in a hotel. Know why? The mattress.

Are you wondering “Why can’t I sleep at night?” Well, plans are already underway for National Better Sleep Month 2014, which spans the month of May. I didn’t even know there was such a month devoted to an emphasis on better sleep. Shouldn’t we be striving for better sleep everyday? There’s a new study about the effects of getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night, published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The study claims that consistently getting less than 6 hours of sleep puts people at a higher risk for suffering a stroke.

Advice abounds about getting sleep

The study went on to discuss all of the factors involved in coming to this conclusion. Megan Ruiter, PhD., George Howard, PhD and other colleagues collected a bunch of data and presented their findings, they even presented medicinal intervention and cognitive behavior modification (i.e. start getting ready for bed and go to bed at the same time every night, develop a routine and stick with it, get up at the same time everyday, etc.) as a way to help more people get a good night’s rest.

When I finished reading this study, I was left wondering, why didn’t they start with the most obvious reason people don’t get adequate or quality sleep? Duh! They need a new mattress!

Your mattress might be the problem

My life sure changed when I got a new mattress. I really believe the reason I get such good sleep now is due to the gift I gave myself when I got my income tax refund a couple of years ago. I had been sleeping on the same bed for 15 years. Then, I purchased a Serta Pillow-Top mattress and box spring. Ahhh, life sure does seem rosier now.

USA Today reports that one third of the participants in a consumer shopping study said their mattress was at least 8 years old, maybe older. The theory is that many people find mattress shopping intimidating.

In pursuit of sleep

Native Chicagoan, Rebecca Evers, 46, says she is no different from the people in that consumer study.

“I went from getting 7 quality hours of sleep a night to no more than four or five,” said Evers.

She couldn’t figure out why she was suddenly having back pain and at the same time, she was dozing off at her desk, among other places.

“I couldn’t wait until lunchtime. I would race to my car, and on nice days, I would crawl into the backseat, open the sunroof and get some of the best sleep ever,” she says.

For awhile, Rebecca thought those naps had become the reason she couldn’t sleep at night. That idea was dismissed after she went on a business trip and had to stay in a hotel.

“I slept like a baby in the bed at that hotel,” said Evers.

In fact, that’s when she began to wonder if the reason she wasn’t sleeping might be related to her bed.

The turning point

“I saw a commercial one night about the Tempur-Pedic DeluxeBed mattress. That weekend, I found a store and paid them a visit,” said Evers.

She says her life hasn’t been the same since. She gets quality sleep every night now.

“I almost feel like somebody is giving me a sleeping pill now. I get in bed and I’m asleep within 20 minutes of settling in,” said Evers.

She feels like a new person thanks to the better quality of sleep since she purchased her new bed.

I wonder what those scientists and PhDs who went to all that trouble, collecting all that complicated data would think of such a simple solution to getting more sleep.

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