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Looking for a natural shampoo and conditioner to replace your current ones? We took a look at some of the best natural options on Viewpoints.

Many people are making the switch from chemical-laden products to natural ones, and beauty products are no exception. Shampoos and conditioners are notorious for having loads of chemicals that our hair and scalps just don’t need. Our reviewers share their picks for the Best Natural Shampoos and Conditioners and why they really work!

Let’s first define “natural.” That means there are no artificial ingredients in the products, no harsh chemicals and no added “stuff” that gives the hair a slick feeling. That doesn’t mean all of the natural ingredients are great for you because not all things in nature are safe. Some natural products do contain preservatives for safety and health reasons but can be classified as natural. Still, going all-natural with hair care seems to be easier than ever with the vast choices out there these days. Here are some favorites.

Best Natural Shampoos

Jason Natural ShampooJason Natural Cosmetics Natural Biotin Shampoo

Viewpoints score of 88/100 based on 17 reviews

Jason hair care and cosmetic products tout being all natural, but they DO contain parabens which may be harmful, though the jury is still out on that. Many natural products contain parabens, which are preservatives that, by all accounts, should not fit into the “all natural” slot. Preservatives are often looked at as necessary to keep products from spoiling. Having said that, Jason Natural Cosmetics Natural Biotin Shampoo contains no Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, an evil, evil chemicals. Our reviewers love the results they get from this shampoo.

“This shampoo is great, especially considering the price. It is natural which is very important to me. It leaves the hair supple and moist.” kat20850, Reviewer since 2010

“The best part of Jason Natural Shampoos is that it does not contain SULFATES. Sulfates are the chemicals in your shampoos that foam up, and then chemically dries out your scalp a lot. After using Jason Natural, I will never go back.” rentnum01,Reviewer since 2009

Sulfates also strip color from color treated hair so any shampoo that is sulfate free will protect your colored tresses and extend the life of your color.

Lush Shampoo BarLUSH New Solid Shampoo Bar

Viewpoints score of 91/100 based on 11 reviews

Yes, the name of the shampoo bar is “New”. I guess Lush ran out of names! Actually this solid shampoo is called New because it contains stimulating essential oils to encourage healthy hair growth. It is completely vegan and sulfate free. There’s a learning curve to using any solid shampoo, but once you get the hang of it, our reviewers say you will love your “new” hair!

 ”The result of shampooing with New is soft, shiny, and fluffy hair.” Buggheart, Reviewer since 2007

“I’ve stopped finding clumps of it in the hair brush. I’ve noticed a lot less residue on my scalp since I started using it too. And my hair is growing faster than it was before. I really can’t recommend this shampoo enough!” GeminiLove-CA, Reviewer since 2008

Kiss My FaceKiss My Face Orange U Smart 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Viewpoints score of 91/100 based on 6 reviews

It’s a shampoo, conditioner and it’s all natural. And even though it’s for kids, our adult reviewers love it! This product contains no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrances and no sulfates. Our reviewers love the scent, and even more, the results.

“After going through tons of natural or organic hair products for my boys, I finally found a product that is free from harmful chemicals AND leaves their hair clean and soft. Smells so yummy!” abcdefamily, Reviewer since 2010

“Kiss My Face Orange U Smart Shampoo and Conditioner has a lot of natural ingredients which I appreciate on account of the fact that it doesn’t hurt my hair in any way and it gives it more volume.” shanis31, Reviewer since 2010

Best Natural Conditioners

Burts Bee'sBurt’s Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Viewpoints score of 87/100 based on 9 reviews

Although this is pre-shampoo treatment, it is classified as a deep conditioner and our reviewers love it. For one, it’s free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and phthalate. This rich treatment hydrates with natural avocado and almond oils, and it tames even the most damaged hair.

“This Burt’s Bees pre-shampoo treatment doesn’t leave my hair feeling the least bit oily or flat. It DOES decrease the appearance of split-ends, and I can feel that my hair is stronger as I’m blowing it dry.” JenBallot, Reviewer since 2009

“I color, blow and flat iron my hair and by using this Burt’s Bees product I have been able to keep it from getting damaged. Its wonderful and I hope they never take it out of the line.”fashionlady26, Reviewer since 2009

Jason ConditionerJason Cosmetics Natural Biotin Conditioner

Viewpoints score of 100/100 based on 3 reviews

It’s not much of a surprise that our reviewers think this is the best natural conditioner, much like the shampoo of the same name.

“This conditioner is great, especially considering the price. It is also natural which is very important to me. It leaves the hair supple and moist.” kat20850, Reviewer since 2010

“I use it daily and do believe that my hair is getting softer and more manageable. I can definitely tell you that my color looks great still and has lasted so much longer than when I was just using Pantene!” randomduck, Reviewer since 2010

Kiss my Face ConditionerKiss My Face Whenever Organic Conditioner Pareben Free

Viewpoints score of 89/100 based on 13 reviews

As the name states, this conditioner is natural and paraben free. reviewers love the results they get with this Kiss My face conditioner.

“My hair has always been very dry and if I don’t wash it every single day, it gets oily on top, but the ends are very frizzy and dry… Now, I have beautiful shiny hair with luster and waves and body.. I love this product and will never use another conditioner on my hair.”tboone191, Reviewer since 2010

“I had been looking for a great conditioner to help with some damage to my hair occurred from chemicals applied often to my hair. Through my search in trying various conditioners, some were helpful, but when I came across “Kiss My Face Conditioner Whenever Paraben” and applied it to my hair, my first impression was, WOW.” Marshaie, Reviewer since 2010

WEN Lavender Cleansing ConditionerWEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner

Viewpoints score of 84/100 based on 24 reviews

This combination shampoo and conditioner is very different from any other hair cleansing product. It does not lather and, in fact, shouldn’t be vigorously massaged into hair and the scalp like traditional shampoos or conditioners. One must pump out several pumps of the product, comb it through, leave it on, then gently massage and rinse. Our reviewers love it even if it does take extra time in the shower.

“My hair is in the best shape it has ever been. I color my hair regularly and my hair dresser has noticed a difference in my hair’s health since I have been using WEN.” becksierra, Reviewer since 2009

Although pricey, reviewers feel their hair is worth the natural benefits that WEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner gives their hair.

“I adore Wen Lavender Conditioner. If your hair has natural body, curl, kinkiness, frizziness, or fullness of any kind this is a miracle worker.” DeeLighted, Reviewer since 2009

WEN makes several types of this Cleansing Conditioner for different hair needs. Lavender seems to be a fave although the others aren’t far behind.

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