Alli Diet Pill Reviews: Weight Loss Not Worth Unpleasant Side Effects

alli diet pill reviews

Alli diet pill reviews warm about unpleasant digestive side effects with the pills. Some people do experience weight loss, but the reviews claim it’s not worth it.

There is no shortcut to losing weight. Personally, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way after trying to diet successfully to no avail. Even in my most eager-to-get-healthy moods, I’ve never considered weight loss pills like the Alli Weight Loss Aid, and after sifting through Alli diet pill reviews reviews, I’m glad I chose the all-natural route instead.

Alli Diet Pill Reviews

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The old adage “where there is smoke, there is fire” is a pretty fair summation of the opinions of the majority of Viewpoints’ reviewers. The Alli Weight Loss Aid Starter Pack only scored 56/100 points, and the refill Alli Weight Loss Aid only performed slightly better at 63/100 points. Altogether, Viewpoints had compiled over 600 reviews, and on average, these particular pills scored 61/100.

The reasons cited most often for the low scores relate directly to the pills’ side effects:

“You need to understand Alli before taking the pills. You need to follow their diet plan precisely, if not, the side effects or [sic] horrid.” archere

The fact that I would “need to understand” any weight loss pills before taking my first dose gives me cause for concern. Another reviewer on Viewpoints paints a similar picture:

“I noticed if I ate high in fat or oily foods my stools would become loose and oily I’d become gasy [sic]. In my personal opinion the side effects where [sic] not really worth the benefits.” mel91284

In my opinion, the following review told me all I need to know about the Alli “weight loss aid”:

“I never had the horrible side effects that you hear horror stories about, but then again I wouldn’t eat meals with super high fat content either. About the worst I’ve experienced are the farts – they have a unique smell – probably no one would notice but me, but I could always tell it was “working” and in my system.” mochamomjane

The Final Call

From my point of view, the Alli Weight Loss Aid (priced at around $50 for the starter pack and around $75 for the refill pack) isn’t worth the side effects an individual may experience. Certainly, there are weight loss aids on the market that are a better bargain. A simple misstep like accidentally eating a meal higher in fat (but within reason) shouldn’t make a dieter run like an Olympic sprinter to the bathroom.

A better call would be to opt for a more all-natural weight loss supplement. The side effects will likely be less bothersome and healthier for one’s body in the long run. There is no such thing as a weight loss pill with no side effects.

For me, taking the all-natural approach to weight loss showed the most results. Dietary supplements involve a trade-off between their benefits and their side effects, and for many, the trade-off simply isn’t worth it.

Yes, the Alli Weight Loss Aid has worked for some Viewpoints reviewers, but the majority opinion is that the side effects are a major drawback. Thankfully, Viewpoints offers a broad range of dietary supplement reviews to sort through the hype and make an informed decision.

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