Avoid This Washing Machine: Kenmore HE2 Plus Front Load Super Capacity Washer 4753


Every once in awhile we come across a product with a failing grade, and we want to warn you about it. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, skip this Kenmore dud.

Certain home appliances can make our lives easier – or make us want to tear our hair out. These are the things we often use daily, and the washing machine is at the top of the list. Not only are they a huge expenditure, but they also impact how our clothes look and feel. While many people did have positive things to say about the Kenmore HE2 Plus Front-Load Washing Machine, a significant number gave it one-star reviews with nothing but complaints. We want to forewarn you to avoid these same issues.

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The Kenmore Plus Front-Load Washing Machine has a Viewpoints score of 62/100 based on close to 200 reviews. This is way below the average washing machine score of 74. There are several reasons why reviewers complained about this washer, including mold, leakage and just not performing well.

Inefficiency of the wash

With any washing machine, you want your clothes to come out looking just as they did when they went in more or less. They should be clean and stain-free, even if you are using a special high-efficiency machine like this Kenmore. Many reviewers found this to be a huge issue.

“The clothes take just as long to dry as my very old top loader, the machine has left large areas of spots on our clothes and we’ve had to throw them away and the “normal” cycle takes at least one hour but usually significantly more to complete.” annivan, Reviewer since 2009

“After about six months all our whites were gray! It is too energy efficient in the fact that it merely gets the clothes damp and rolls them around on each other, the clothes are never covered in water nor is water allowed to flow freely thru them. Common sense will tell you the dirt never gets washed OUT! Detergents are never fully rinsed out so if you have sensitive skin like my husband and son… LOOK OUT!” MadMommy4, Reviewer since 2011

Mold and mildew problems

This was one of the most common complaints about the Kenmore HE2. Most said didn’t expect a mildew issue because it was a front load washer, but it was actually worse than other washers they had used in the past.

“Water remains in the base of the machine at all times and door must be left open for the machine to keep from getting mildewed inside. You have to clean with a bleach cycle each month. This is very important where my children and I have allergies to mold and mildew.” 0000000001, Reviewer since 2011

“The rubber gaskets in the front hold water and bacteria. There is no way to dry it out completly and I shouldn’t have to. I want it out of my new house. It’s not worth the STINK.” BCR, Reviewer since 2010

“It used to lock my clothes in the washer, stop mid cycle and always has a rancid smell!! I’m so discouraged with this machine. From a year on it was basically not usable.” mommagwiazda, Reviewer since 2008

Water leakage

This goes hand in hand with the mold issue. Many complained their washer completely broke down or they had to call for a repair because of serious leakage issues. Some said it even became a problem and gave off a terrible smell in the garage.

“The washer has always leaked when there are more than 6 towels in it and now we’ve been having some major leaking issues (too much water filling up and water gushing out the bottom and soap dispenser) and it’s making a horrible sound.” txngrl29, Reviewer since 2009

Other common complaints

Some say they have to constantly buy replacement parts for the Kenmore HE2 Plus. In addition to the repair costs, many complain it just isn’t worth the money in general, and the high efficiency detergent required is an added expense. Most say it is a machine that just doesn’t last, and they encourage opting for the extended warranty.

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