Yobaby Review: Premium Yogurt Worth the Extra Cost

yobaby review

Yobaby Review: It might be a little pricier, but the packaging, high-quality ingredients, and extra amount are worth it.

Product: Stonyfield Farms Organic YoBaby Yogurt

Viewpoints Score:  91/100 with 97 reviews

Est. Price: $3.99 (6-pack)

Yobaby Review

Yobaby Organic Yogurt, by Stonyfield, is considered the crème de la crème of infant yogurt. When my kids were babies I willingly splurged on Yobaby, which is priced higher than most yogurts and never seems to go on sale. I also remember happily finishing the leftovers. (Yes, we all do it.)

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Bonus is in the packaging

Yobaby yogurts have one extra ounce per container than Yoplait Kids yogurt, which sells for less ($1.99 per 4-pack). The packaging is durable and easily packable for on-the-go nutrition, and there is no fear of leaky containers or faulty top seals.  For babies, one container is an entire meal, especially if you choose the popular cereal/fruit/yogurt combination that’s made with ingredients like wholesome organic oat bran and flax seed. One drawback to the packaging is that the tear off plastic seal is not reusable. Half-full containers will need an alternative cover for storage.

Put to the test

My five-year-old willingly helped me with the taste test. Since he loved Yobaby as an infant, I wanted to see if he would still enjoy it now that he’s gotten used to both low-fat and Greek yogurts. The containers are bound together in packs of six, usually with two flavor options per pack. My son loved the child-sized four ounce cup and after tasting it, his quoted response was, “Yum!” He liked that it was smooth with no chunks of fruit. He also liked that he could remove the seal on his own. The pull-tab top makes for easy opening if you have a hungry baby on your hip.


  • Safe, Organic ingredients
  • No pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs
  • Made with real fruit puree
  • Vitamin D added
  • Graduate to YoToddler/ YoKids products and lunch-ready smoothies
  • 6 live active cultures to aid in digestion
  • Smooth texture is easy for infants to mouth and swallow


  • More expensive than other kid brands
  • 13g of sugar per container (Yoplait Kids has 25 percent less)
  • Pull tab top does not reseal
  • Rarely on sale (coupons are available online at stonyfield.com)

Comparing my usual brand of non-fat yogurt to Yobaby’s whole milk version has left me wondering why I choose to deny myself the good stuff, even if it is meant for babies. All the ingredients in Yobaby are safe, healthful and packed with natural flavor. Despite the consistently higher price, I think it’s the most beneficial choice.

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